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Thursday, December 09, 2010


I didn't even know that the cloves would be huge if that was an orange. Don't they just come ground and in small round cylinders with a screwtop?

Oooh, that pool sounds like fun!

I used to make those clove oranges with my mom. They smells so delicious! I tried it with Hannah once but we had a really hard time piercing the orange skin with the cloves. Were cloves pointier when I was a kid or did I miss a step? Do you make holes first?

I haven't made one of those in years - and it suddenly sounds good.
Use an Awl, before inserting the clove, or a really big yarn sewing needle.
And tangerines are thinner skinned.

Now I want citrus.


I want wassail.

Tangerine. Love it. I so can't do an orange, but I might be able to make a tangerine work.

Cookie. You are the cleverest!

I can smell it from here - one of those wonderful childhood memories!


Judge you, why would I judge you? After piercing my finger till it's numb making those things I am in awe of your smartness to use a smaller fruit.

Mmmmm! I can smell it right through the computer!

Here's wishing you better luck with the tangerine/clove thingy. I've tried that once with an orange and before Christmas arrived the orange rotted. o.0

Tangerine or orange. Whatever. Hugs from the deep chill of Middle Earth.

When I was a kid, there was low-budget tv show in CT with a cooking segment. The chef always said "I wish you had smellavision"...well, I wish I had it now (or something). Guess I'll make my own clove-y goodness!!


Gonna go play in the pool now.


Hey! I did a bunch of those this year! But it's way cheaper to just throw some orange peels, ground cloves and some cinnamon in a pot with water and let it simmer.

Now I want one, too...

I've never heard of a clover orange. That probably isn't very surprising now, is it? :)

I think the peels on oranges have gotten thicker since I was a kid...tangerines make good sense!

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