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Tuesday, December 07, 2010


Hot mess? It looks fantastic.

Whatever huddles you had to jump you did it in fine form.

I think it looks great. Did you change the picture because the top didn't look cropped off.

A huge hole in a shawl picture? Color me gobsmacked.

Meat sheep are tasty with feta cheese and olives, just a bit oregano, rosemary and olive oil. Yum.

You must be seeing things that I don't see...hat looks good to me!

I'm with you on the pattern photos pet peeve. How do they expect anyone to ever knit their pattern if you can't tell what the end product will look like?? Augh! o.0 /rant done now.

It looks pretty good to me. The first stranded colorwork I did was a sock that I still haven't ripped out. I used too small a needle and couldn't get it over my heel!

Did it come out smaller than pinhead? Maybe you can turn it into a teapot cozy. The skullies are cute!

Skulls with pink. Love! Love it!

Hate books with bad pics. I've decided editors have no clue and/or don't care in general.

I know I'm not being nice.

Get over it.

PS. The last two lines aren't to Cookie they're to anyone who complains to her about me. Get over it!

Tension, smension..looks awesome to me!!

I think the hat looks great!

I love it!

Editors? What are those? I'm pretty sure they've all been replaced by spellcheck. Payroll tax returns are easier that way.

If you say it's a hot mess......Looks good to me!

A pom pom would look particularly fetching on it.

I have a love/hate (heh, I typed love/hat first) relationship with colorwork. I do like your hat, and especially like the idea of gray with dark pink....

For what it's worth (probably not much), I can share my favorite hat top 'recipe', suitable for practically any number of stitches. If you want a nice rounded top for a normal close-fitting hat like this, or like a baby hat, that is. I often sub it for a hat top if I'm dubious about the fit, and if it works with the pattern.

Start with a number divisible by 6. (So if you don't have a # that can be divided into six, decrease a few stitches until you do and then knit one plain round.) Divide the stitches into six sections, mentally or with stitch markers, and knit the last two stitches of each section together. Then knit one round. Repeat this process until your number of stitches is half (or less than half, if it doesn't work out evenly) your original number of stitches. Then decrease *every* round until you are down to six stitches. Break the yarn, run through the remaining stitches (threading it through twice around fills in the hole nicely) and weave in.

I am sure you, Cookie my dear, can translate from that, but if anyone wants an illustration: Say you have 64 stitches. Decrease 4 stitches over the round, either evenly or randomly spaced, or if you want to be neat, put the decreases at the ends of what will be the six sections, like so: k9, k2tog, k9, k2tog, k10, k9, k2tog, k9, k2tog, k10. Knit a plain round; if you like, putting a marker after knitting every 10 stitches. Then *k8, k2tog* around. Knit 1 round (54 st). *k7, k2tog* around. Knit 1 round (48 st). *k6, k2tog* around. Knit 1 round (42 st). *k5, k2tog* around. Knit 1 round (36 st). *k4, k2tog* around. Knit 1 round (30 st).
There are now just under half the stitches you started out with. So, start decreasing every round.
*k3, k2tog* around. *k2, k2tog* around. *k1, k2tog* around. *k2tog* around. You have 6 stitches left, finish as above. Voila, my favorite hat top....

The huge hole is to match the shawl I just blocked last night.
Love the skulls. If ever I get around to making any little T's I'm going to request a whole skull layette.

I think it's a pretty cool hat. Did you block it yet? That usually does wonders for colorwork.

I think that hat looks great, Cookie. Skully but nice.

I applaud you. The only colorwork I've ever tried I RIPPED mercilessly because none of it was worthy of being documented or surviving. One of these days. And about the editors? Being married to an (magazine) editor, I could tell you stories. Things that make you shake your head and want to shake People. Often times people who do not understand the editorial process or the importance of pictures make decisions about pictures, deadlines, layout, etc. and can destroy a product because they don't listen to the people who know what the hell they are talking about. I'll jump off my soapbox now. Ahem.

It will fit someone. I love knitting hats, because they get done. But I don't wear them. They make my hair flat, and I'm all about fluffy hair...

You did good, can't wait to see the deeo pink. Color work has its own issues but it's so much fun to do and, like lace, impresses the hell out of people.

Right now I'm on a kick with hats and gloves since my head is cold and I need matchy-matchy.

That it outstanding for your first time out. I really like it! Oh, and I don't think there are such things as book editors anymore, but you would think the author would have some pride, wouldn't you?

The hat looks great from here. Please bear in mind that the ribbing transition issue will disappear when the hat is being worn. Sneak up on someone and put the hat on their head, and you'll see.

I will be pissed if this comment shows up twice but anyway.
I don't know what you are taking about because the hat looks great to me. I know I would have someone willing to wear it. I personally would not because I can't stand hat hair. For some reason when I wear a hat someone will yank it off and find out what a hot mess really looks like! I nearly froze an earlobe off yesterday talking to someone I ran into on the street but my hair looked good!

I think it's awesome and I agree it would totally rock in pink!

I'm toying with knitting Selbu Modern - what do you think of that one?



look at this hat decrese, it looks very nice.

I like the hat/pattern; not a mess. My son #1 would love a skully hat. I might just have to go see if the library has that book. I did make him a hat last year (http://www.ravelry.com/projects/db81971/we-call-them-pirates) but I think he would like your pattern more.


Very cool hat. I might be able to knit that with fat yarn. Of course, I'm buying Texas a hat this year. It's a racoon. with little ears

Such cute skulls! I'd love to see it done in pink and green - my personal fave combo. Nice work fudging through the top, it looks very tidy.

The new hat is great! I think you are being too hard on yourself.

I'm beginning to think that they are not looking/trying anymore with so many of the books and mags.

Gray and dark pink would be awesome!


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