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Friday, December 10, 2010


Gorgeous picture, and I can't wait to see what you make of that fiber :-D

Gorgeous sky and gorgeous fiber. Those bats are yummy looking.

I love the batts, too.
But that sky? It's amazing. You know I love my skies.

OMG, I literally gasped when I saw those batts. Beautiful!!

Red sky at night, sailors delight?

Very cool sky!

Oh, lovely batts and a matching sky! Mmm, merino and silk- definitely like butter on a wheel. Should look awesome all spun up.

That is an amazing sky. I would have to take a picture of it too.

Those batts look delicious in spinning sort of way. Lucky you.

BTW, I haven't made it to the post yet, hat hell and all. But I will get to it in the next few days.

Gorgeous sky!

You are officially off the Bad Photographer list. Srsly.

Spooky gorgeous sky. Those batts are so lovely. How do you spin from your batts? Rip an edge off or?

Very interesting sky picture. It's like it has a shadow across it...

That is going to make wonderful yarn! And pretty colors too!


Love your 'sky piccie' :-)

What a delightful surprise present you have, wonderful color.
Can't wait to see what it grows up to be.

Have fun with your gift and spinning wheel.

AnnaMarie's batts are luscious - I've spun several of them and the yarn is to die for.
And those batts almost match your sky...

And to you! Though I'm not seeing it until Saturday --- what a remarkable sky!!

Absolutely yummm - both the amazing sky and the batts. Have fun spinning them!

Nice! It's all gray and rainy here. Tomorrow we get blizzard conditions. Yay!

Pink Cocoa describes that fiber perfectly! Lovely stuff.

You are very welcome Cookie..I am also curious how you spin from a batt? I have only used fiber that comes in a braid..and its my understanding that its not quite the same as a batt??

AnnaMarie picked the colour, they look wonderful...Enjoy.

pretty pretty pretty!

The colors at the end of the day this week have been over the top... glad you got inspired to take a photo. I love your batts... they should spin up into something very yummy!

Very cool sky!

My skies have been filled with snow. Well, today I got blue and cold and wind. Granted, you can't see the cold and wind, but the blue was so cold-looking and all the chimney smoke was going sideways....you KNEW how cold it was without checking!

The batts are stunning!

Wow - a pink sky and silky batts. It's a good day indeed.


Such a nifty sky!

Enjoy your pink cocoa batts, with visions of corgis dancing in your head!


I'm drooling over those batts!!

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