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Wednesday, December 08, 2010


You make me smile every time you post.

Ok, heading off to check out Angie.

Blaze orange is a fashion statement in Wisconsin in November. Word.

Pools? Do I need my bathing suit?


You're very good at making people, especially friends, smile! (whether you know it or not)

Love it! And you make me smile quite often (especially when you are ranting...I can hear the words coming out of my own mouth).

Pools? Suits optional?

Please explain to the unclued the "pools". ;)

Love the idea of an orange vested minion. Now all we need is a pic.

That little minion is just adorable! The vest is the perfect touch.

Ah! Of course Min needed an orange vest.

Angie's socks are so cute. Surprisingly, pink.

How's the not giving into impulse to email going?

A Minion with an orange vest? I love it!!!!!

Blaze orange is also a seasonal fashion statement here in Missouri too. I've even seen orange vests on peoples' yard deer ;o)

you were squishy once? that's just weird.

Did making Angie smile cause your black tiny heart to sing? */runs*

Thanks for introducing me to Angie.

You did it again, you know, our Cookie. The smile thing. :D

Min and I are hanging out on the sofa watching Bones right now. I am saving the socks for Saturday to keep me warm all day while I galavant in DC.

Pools? Odds?

Pools? Gambling??

Maybe you should do that email...sometimes it's a good idea to follow your instincts.


He's a lovely minion - especially in that vest!
And you make me smile all the time, too.

How fun!

You bring smiles to many, Cookie, m'dear!


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