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Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I'm so sorry you've been sick! That's gorgeous yarn.

You've been sick long enough now that maybe you should go to a dr??
/thats me doing my mother hen schtick.

Love the pinky purply yarn! I'm sure you'll do something super with it.

And I agree that sweet innocent young men need to be broken in gently to the way women are.

It's BFL, I should have written that on the tag. Glad it arrived safely.

You have the excuse of being sick. I just took off and hid from the holiday.

Hope you're feeling better soon.

Feel better, sweetie!!!

It's Tuesday. I only know this because my knitting store is open late on Tuesdays and I've been planning to get sushi down the street for dinner before knitting, and I haven't eaten sushi for dinner, so it must still be Tuesday.

You don't suck, but it sucks that you're still sick. We're going to have to come kick your ass if you don't get better soon.

Feel better, Cookie! xxx

***he's a baby and doesn't need to know what a foul mouth harpy his Crazy Aunt Cookie is.***

what if he reads your blog?????

Being sick sucks so don't worry about the blog. I think you are pretty lucky to win yarn in your color! I can hardly wait to see what you knit up! Take car.

"He's all happy and in love and shit" - oh you romantic fool... :)

Sorry you've been sick - I haven't blogged in months and have been perfectly healthy, so I don't have that excuse. Though my laptop had an unfortunate encounter with a cup of coffee thanks to the Beagle, so that's my excuse for the past 3 days.


Boo for being sick. Hopefully the handspun will help you back on the road to recovery!

I can't believe you're still sick! I keep hoping you'll feel better but you don't. Do you think it's time for medical intervention?
The yarn is lovely. Maybe it will make you feel better.

They never listen when they're in love.

This illness had dragged on for too long ... I hope it skidoos soon. (That handspun is lovely; how nice to get a pick-me-up right when you really need one!)

Too sick, too long! Hoping the pink yarn will lift your spirits and make you feel good again!

Well, Crazy Aunt Cookie, I hope your snarky butt gets better soon. If it'll make you feel better, I'm totally jealous of the pink yarn.

That's some seriously gorgeous pink handspun!
hmmmm, does he really NOT read your blog?
I hope you're well soon!!!!! xox

He's too busy being in love and attending "shindigs" to read you or me anymore.
Stay home! You relapse every time you leave the house.


Still reading (though I don't comment too much usually!), don't mind if you reply back. :p Thanks for the laughs, feel better!

I can't be arsed either. We'll be unarsed together. De-arsed? Arse-free?
I'd be willing to bet that all the cynical "and stuff" you say to those boys is chalked up to "Crazy Aunt Cookie". Fear not.

I just want my Cookie to feel better. Poor baby. And, as for Griffin? I'll bet he knows all kinds of bad words, but would never admit that to his Aunt Cookie;-P Take care, dumplin'.

Feel better and knit on! The world apparently needs more purple socks. /runs

I wonder if the word could be dis-arsed? Anti-arsed?

Hope that you're better soon Cookie...what Joan said. Stay in. There are people out there and they all have 'germs'..big ugly ones with dots!

Thanks to you and Joan tho, I have my first spool.? bobbin? filled on my wheel. I don't even know what the thing is called. Crap...

Anyway, I have a full 2 ounces on what ever its called, and it looks nice. Its not pink tho..what was I thinking?

Take care, we are leaving on holidays and I am taking my wheel with me..Its a bit crowded but I can always leave other stuff at home. More spinning over the next few days. I have the book with me so I can figure out how to ply!!


Glad you're feeling a little better. At least enough to get to your computer.

I tried to send you some soup but it kept spilling out of the vent ports ony computer. Stupid computer.

Get well soon!

Being sick totally sucks. Totally. Hope you're feeling better soon!

Stay warm. Knit. Eat chocolate.
Avoid the plague-ridden public.
That yarn looks like a prescription for happiness...

Don't stress about the blogging - it's probably contributing to your sickness! And definitely don't stress about the emailing. We'll all be here when you're better!

It doesn't matter if you answer or not... I'll keep coming back like a bad case of ... ummmm never mind.

All this ignoring the blog give you more time for knitting with handspun. Just sayin'

Cookie, it's called "benign neglect" and it never hurt anyone. Sometimes you need to tend to your life - people understand that!


What Squish said. That is pretty stuff to put in the basket for 2011!

I hope your feet are up and you are resting!

I'm just so sorry you have been unwell. I hope you are finding the best ways to care for yourself.

Congrats on winning such pretty pink handspun!

What kind of help do you need?


Curl up with that yummy handspun, nap a while, and feel better. We'll be here when you get back (which may or may not be a good thing)

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