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Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I know you're not my mother (you're nothing like my mother, be glad), but she's also on her third pair of purple socks in a row. We're not going to talk about the fact that she stole my hobby from me, though. Oh no.

I quite like that waffle stitch pattern. That's probably nothing like its real name but it is how it looks to me, so there it is. I really need to get off the plain stockinette or 3x1 rib for socks.

What a lucky PT your mom has! Poiple is good BTW.

I love purple. I might like to knit three pairs of purple socks in a row rather than three hats with humping reindeer in a row.

With my low back, I've become an expert at full body MRI's.

Hope the MRI results come out OKays and three shades of poiple is good.

Welcome back, you read much like yourself again = much healthier, which is good!

Hope the MRI results are OK.

Crossing fingers for good MRI results.

What's wrong with purple, missy?!

Where's the pink? I like the textured stitch on the socks and there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with knitting the same sock pattern over and over again. Ahem.

Cookie's knitting. All is right with the world.


Pulling hard for good MRI results. I love the purple sock. Isnt' Jessie's yarn amazing? It makes the prettiest socks. The Purple Pi was knit in her yarn. I have ripped the Purple Pi and have enough of her purple yarn to knit a shawl, but need a bit of time before I head in that direction. Can you cast on about 4 projects before the end of the year so that you can knit with Jessie's yarn next year?????

Pulling hard for good MRI results. Isn't Jessie's yarn wonderful? And, I do love her colors. Hugs, hunny.

The socks look great! I hope the MRI results are good.

Never had an MRI --- crazy claustrophobic.

Never had too much purple --- THE color.

Never get the yarn to photograph true --- a knitter's curse.

I'm hoping for good MRI information. Love the purple(s) and there is absolutely nothing weird or strange about using the same sock pattern.

Be well.

Sorry you still aren't feeling well and that you're dealing with stuff with your Mom too. MRIs aren't fun. I've had far too many of them in the last 20 months or so. I hope all is well for both of your sakes.

And yeah, that's a lot of purple socks!

Love the socks. :-) Hope the MRI results are good. And if a sock pattern works, why fix it?

Hate MRI's. Can't wear the insulin pump for a variety of good reasons so it always screws with my blood sugar.

Hope you MRI returns without too dramatic and easily fixable results.

Love the tweed pattern.

Hope you are feeling somewhat human.

Hope the MRI results are good. DH had a couple of those for his back...he needed to be slightly sedated and I held his hand (literally) for the second one.

Love your knitting even if it is the same pattern and lotsa purple. I like purple!

and <3 yer socksors, of course :)

Best wishes for helpful test results from the MRI.
Lurv your socks.

I think between rest of us, we have enough medically interesting. Please don't get that too. You're strange enough now. :D

Want more purple yarn to knit with?

Too much purple is a sign of too much sick? Uh-oh.

I'm hoping for the right answers from the mri.


Hoping for good MRI results. Happy New Year!

Nice socks for the PT lady!

Even if he heard you, he'll think love & marriage will be lovely. Didn't we all? Once upon a time, long long ago? (Possibly no.)

I should have asked for MRI advice. My Mom had one on Tuesday - she's claustrophobic and stoic so she took nothing. So her blood pressure is sky high & Ive spent much time in doctors offices.

How's your Mom doing?

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