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Friday, December 31, 2010


How dare you leave them after all you meant to each other.

Yarn bombed! How cool! It seems totally out of character. Anticipating Jerry Brown?

Most of the work I do is in a Sacramento-based data center, you know :-D

You could always use 2 strands of handspun held together to make it thicker...

I've never heard of a yarn bombing. We're pretty behind the times here in MA, apparently. Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Hope you are feeling better. You don't want to start the new year off sick. Well, unless booze was involved. :)

My sister loves me so much she braved a Sacramento LYS as a non-crafter to obtain me a christmas present there. I wonder if it was the same place?

The front of my LYS is covered by a lovely English garden and surrounded by college students. If they aren't rioting or setting things aflame, it's a good day :)

I'm glad it wasn't my tree.
Sounds like you're feeling better!

I, for one, am looking forward to another year of your particular brand of weirdness, so Happy New Year.

There was recent yarn bombing going on in Fargo too. Another place that is slow to catch a trend. o.0

Happy New Year! And happy hat knitting!

/shhh, we won't tell Joan that you aren't starting handspun knitting until Sunday...

what Datagoddess said.
and OMG, I'd have killed the circulation desk man and sent his still-warm heart to his superiors as a warning.
don't mind me, I went shopping today.

happy 2011!

Lovely yarn bombing. I have never seen one in person so I guess Boston is behind the times too.
Happy New Year!

Is it me or is all of this yarn bomb stuff chrocheted. is that some kind of protest?

I like the bombing--obviously some thought went into it.

Happy New Year, our Cookie. I hope the next year holds only good stuff for all of us. Thanks for being a connection for me in the crazyness.

Happy New Year!!


Happy New Year Cookie..

We are in Macon GA..it was 63 deg on our drive today..some kind of weird weather fluke. It was lovely.

Love the socks..


I think I need a tree cozy, too...

Happy New Year, my friend!


Not sure about the colors, but the yarn bombing was cool.

Did you hear that it happen outside the New York stock exchange earlier this week?

Happy New Year

Why is it the older we get, the faster it goes? (yeah, yeah, something about the brain and new experiences - whatev.)

xoxo love you.

I have mixed feelings about yarn bombing. It's just not something I think I am going to do, but then again, life has a way of taking me places and doing things I did not think I would ever go or do. I guess I'm just going to be glad that there are some people who feel such excitement and joy.

I think I might always be in catch up mode. Yesterday seems like such a waste (though only time will tell) that I really wish I could have been left alone to knit.


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