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Thursday, December 16, 2010


Take THAT! You nasty larvae.

I'm starting to wonder if it was even a larvae. Or if it was some kind of little gray lintball or something.

Yeah, it's been a week over here.


Maybe you need some new glasses?

It's been a week over here, too.


It's that time of year, everyone's having a week.

Yikes! Hopefully it was an overreaction!

makes me itchy, and worried that the same could happen any/everywhere!!
grats on the earring find, though. That's a big plus.

glad all is ok now!



Too bad you don't live here. You have simply chucked all those woolens and whatever out into the sub-freezing temperatures. And waited for spring ;-)

But now you have a lovely clean house/stash area and freshly laundered, properly chastened socks.

OMG! I would totally freak out if I found that anywhere near my yarn, stash handknits, humble abode!
Glad to hear Joan has not driven off the bridge.:)

Sadly, I can do you one better... well, worse really. I found HOLES in my socks. HOLES!!!! My handknit socks are currently living in the freezer and making nice with my ice trays.

Fingers crossed that it was just a scare. I saw a little "larvae" on the floor in my bathroom a few months ago. It was lint. I hope yours was lint too:)

It was a scout. They know what they're dealing with now, and likely will think twice before mounting a full-scale invasion.

How's your throat? do you have fever?!?
I was just thinking maybe if you had fever you were just seeing things?!? I hope this is the case, not that you have fever but that you are from some reason, seeing things:)

Yikes! Whatever it was, you took charge and made it all well again

Speaking of being well again, I hope the throat is better.


I hate when this happens to my friends. First, it stinks. And second, it makes me paranoid that I will find larvae and I start scouring the stash and the hand knits for evidence!

Send those larvae to me. I'll stick 'em in a snowbank. That'll show 'em!

Ooh, that's scary! Hope you got all the little buggers!

I add a bit of dog flea shampoo to the water when I have questionable woolens. I use the kind with pyrethrins. I let them soak for 15 minutes or overnight depending on my motivation and if I forget about them. Then I spin the water out and then rinse in plain water. It works for me and I don't need freezer space for yarn, socks, blankets, etc.
I saw a moth in my room the other day and couldn't grab it to squish. I hope it was a food moth.......


Sorry you are having a week over there. I think it is going around!

Well the Full Moon is coming, the 21st to be exact. Hmm, a full moon, on the first official day of winter and a lunar eclipse.


I have to work that day answering the 911/Police phone. I can see where that will go wrong on a lot of levels...but for now I am going larvae hunting..just in case. I haven't stirred up my yarn for a few weeks...
Hope that you're feeling better Cookie?

You don't suck. :D I love you. Being a people is overrated.

Well, anyway you got a lot done... I've decided I'm only knitting socks that can be washed with the normal laundry anymore. All those German sock yarns with really forbidding-sounding names seem to love going through the regular cycle and the dryer.


There really should be a hotline for knitters and fiber lovers for larvae scares. Like the Butterball hotline, you call when something has gone awry and you suspect the worst. 1-800-larvaes or something.

Here's hoping it was the one and only of its kind!

Wow! That's quite a reaction! I don't know what larvae even look like. Maybe they're all around me and I don't know it.

I'll bet there's sheep somewhere in that Circle of Life. Maybe even meat sheep...

Oh, Sweetie! I had grain moths this past fall and almost had a breakdown.

All good for being precausionery and stuff. I'm smiling and happy your socks are safe.

If you start feeling hungry for wool, maybe you should worry.

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