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Thursday, December 23, 2010


So glad to hear you up and about. Yay!

Staring blankly is the usual state of affairs for me. o.0

Mainstream Christmas hasn't been about religion for so long now that anyone and everyone participates.

Remember to tell us about the email!

I think the question is what do you mean by doing Christmas. In our case, being quite a combative atheist and a very secular Jew atheist we do "Christmas" = exchanging presents and having good food together (does this count as doing Christmas in your book?) and the 2 main reasons for it are:
1. My childhood envy of all the lucky kids in the books I loved with all those wonderful presents under those gloriously decorated trees. I always wanted to have one!
2. Joe's family tradition and the girl who deserves many presents at any given opportunity :)
Does this make any sense to you?

Although I am a woman, I am bewildered by the Robbitusin female mystery!

I hope you will continue to improve and be healthy in no time.

I'm sorry you're sick. I've had a cold this week but it's not debilitating and I've powered through - probably because I'll have a houseful of people tomorrow night.

Oh Cookiegrrl, please feel better soon. No matter what you do or don't celebrate please put your feet up and rest.

My dad (similar to Rachel's comment--combative atheist, secular Jew, Christmas-celebrator) explains it as "making fun of the holiday by celebrating the materialism." That is how one can be anti-Christian and still celebrate Christmas. Not condoning, just explaining!

Ugh. Feel better my friend! I'm hanging on by a thread here myself.

As for Christmas - I'm sure I'll get some flames on this one but I don't consider myself christian despite being born into a roman catholic family and I still celebrate because I think the spirit of the thing is worth celebrating. I could say more but I'll leave it at that.


I do hope you are well soon. I don't know about the mysteries of Robitussin. In our house it's always Vick's Formula 44D. You'll have enlighten us sometime.

Now that those hats are all sent out, Christmas is officially over for me. I plan on shutting the blinds and spending the next several days in blissful quiet getting all slutty with my WIP's.

Glad you are still alive and the plague didn't better you. There is NOTHING wrong with too much TV when you don't feel well.

I hope you are cured soon. I'm also unaware of the Robitusin thing.

I am not so much anti-Christian as a-Christian. I am, however, all in favor of food and friends and family and warmth and laughter to celebrate the return of the light, and people can call it whatever they want. For me it is secular, or at least not specifically religious, but not especially materialistic.

Any stranger who tells a grown woman she "sounds very adult" (?!? @#$^*#^$?!!!!) deserves to be laughed at.

As I've never indulged in the Robitussin I clearly need some enlightening.
I raised my kids with celebrations on Winter Solstice, they celebrated xmas with everyone else.
Due to certain people claiming familial bonds, (they call me mom/grandma) we gather xmas eve for food, some laughs, I do tend to enjoy it but I'm with Denise, afterwards gettin' all slutty with my WIPS :^D
Feel better soon, sweetie. xox

Feel better soon, Cookie dearest. I'm glad to hear that you are knitting socks. You must have some fight left in you!

I too would like the scoop on the Robitussin, and that email, too!


Oh, no! *pours you some tea*

You rest, lady!

Cookie, I hope you're feeling better today!

I'm feeling really out of it. . . but I have no idea what you're talking about re: the Robitussin (and I've taken it before!).

Keep up the fluids!

So, a side of prunes? /ducks

Feel better soon, our Cookie!

She lives! And went to Target on Sunday. Wow, that was chancey.

Christmas is just a party day like Thanksgiving or Valentine's Day. It's been stripped of any religious meaning ages ago. I'm sure if Christianity hadn't happened along and swiped the day, I'd be griping about all the fuss & stupid drivers/shoppers on say, Winter Solstice Day or Mithras Birthday or Saturnalia.

See, if I heard you talking about all the fabulousness you found, I'd want to know where you found it so I could have a piece, too! I do love great deals and fun shopping trips.

Feel better soon! The craziness will dial down a bit after new years. Just hold on until then.

Not a clue on the Robitussin thing. Please enlighten us all.

No Christians in this household, just a bunch of materialistic pagans who never miss a chance to get prezzies and eat good stuff and hang out together. What's not to like?

Glad to hear you are feeling better. I don't see how going out the stores with all the insane people at this time of year didn't make you sick all over again. I celebrate Christmas, but can't stand shopping anywhere this time if year. People are jerks on the store. Even more than usual, if you can believe it. :)

Get some rest!

There, there sweetie, get some rest and soon all the nonsense will be over. I like the houses that have a creche AND Santa and his reindeer all mixed together. Now that's Christmas.

As long as you're feeling better and a bit cranky, I'm encouraged!!!

No Christians here, either. When the kids were little, Christmas was Santa Claus and cookies and hugs and candy canes and pretty packages under a decorated sweet-smelling tree. Now we just skip the Santa part. (And the tree when I can get away with it...) Nothing wrong with getting together with family and friends, and giving presents to people you love.
Feel better soon. (And I'm clueless about the Robitussin as well...)

aww glad you're feeling a little better. Maybe you should go back & get the chairs when you fully recover (and its past xmas shopping) .
I'm intrigued by the RLC. Whenever I buy a bottle of Robitussin- every few years, while hacking up a lung- it is out of desperation & feeling only half human, so I've never learned anything from it, curve or not. Share! Explain! Enlighten!

I grew up Catholic but recovered. I do Christmas cuz it's tradition, and also there's glitter. Lots and lots of glitter. I wrapped presents last night and the boys may not get to open all of them because I don't think I can have them tear into my beautiful packages.
Um. Judging by the comments I'm thinking the Robitussin Learning Curve is unique to you...like so many other things...

I forgot to remind you that my FIL used to manufacture the first alcohol and sugar free cough medicine. That stuff worked and I have missed it since we ran out of the last batch in 1996.

If you aren't better soon, I may ask the old man for the formula and get your fake nephews to take over the kitchen and brew some up.


Is it too early to call?

I hope you feel better.
I suspect you will have some very interesting stories between the Robitussin and the email.

Hope you feel better soon. My snuffly little boy got knocked out enough by his cold today to have a nap, so they can't be all bad.

Glad for the evidence you're among the living. Got a little quiet, for a while there. Consider yourself hugged, with a little extra rub on the back behind the lungs (mom used to do that - I miss it). Feel better.

And Christmas. Last few years I couldn't face it all. I decided this year to do it up right. Inviting friends and family for dinner, tree, presents - maybe even carols at the spinet. I do keep a little of the baby J in my heart, too. Keeps me grounded when people become way too much. Happy Christmas - get better - don't do anything.

Happy Saturday! Hope you are feeling better.

I'm glad you were feeling well enough to go out, and hope that you are completely well today.


I hope you're feeling better! I swear by Nyquil and Tylenol Severe Cold.

Email? Spill. Was going to text you, but one word: Family. Gargh.

I still may text you later. When I wake up.

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