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Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Yes, you are dependable. Yes, I like you anyway.

Very dependable. Like. . . I count on you.

I'm just impressed that you pumped gas and you aren't complaining about it.

Of course you are dependable! I depend on you to give me the straight talk about whatever rediculous things you encounter.... and more often than not, I AGREE!

They are saying snow on Sunday here in Oregon. Time to break out the mittens!

I find 85% of the population very tasty. Especially with ketchup.

I am happy you are not a cliche. I'll try to stop with the smartass comments.

A cliche? You? Not in a million years.

I spent some time snuggling up under the covers this morning, myself. It just felt too cozy to get up right away.

Dependable like a monsoon.

I love that it's finally darker earlier. All that relentless sunshine. Bah.

Wait. Being grown up is kinda cool?

I love that I can curl up under my goosedown comforter and not wake up drenched in sweat.

It's great to have a friend you can be yourself with.

You are a riot! And yes, very dependable!


Those are three very nice things, and really not little at all.

Yes, you are quite dependable.


You have a good friend but I think you are a good friend too...

Castle isn't as witty as he was in the beginning. It's pretty easy to fall asleep watching it now!

But, dearheart, your three little things are so darned interesting!!!!

Snark and smart assery are precious commodities. ;^)

All well and good. Lovely, in fact. But now bring on the rant!


I've been having trouble remembering plot points myself, lately ;o) Maybe it's the impending grandmother-hood...

Real, comfy happiness comes in a lot of forms, doesn't it?

My god, you're practically cheerful, and it's freaking me out.
Normally I love the darkness but lately it's kinda sucking. And I think I'm allergic to Phoenix, which means I need to move north soon. Snuggling under the blankets is pretty excellent, though - I'm freezing out the rest of the family just so I can. (They can put on sweaters, dammit.)

Now that I have taken up knitting and spinning...I blame you and Joan for that(the spinning that is), I am looking forward to winter for the first time in ..ever..

So far as people go...my days at the police station just make me want to stay home. I am so tired of creepy....I don't like people as a group very much anymore either.

However you are one up on me Cookie, I never.ever. pump gas. Ick!

You are unique!

And dependable ;-)

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