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Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Hey Cookie,

The yarn is lovely..I am still learning terms so have to look up a couple so that I understand what people are talking about. I have been working with my wheel but its sort of a crap shoot so far....once I stop coughing I think it will help..each coughing spell seems to make fat yarn. LOL

Did you see the denim leggings that Pioneer Woman posted yesterday? They are pretty cute. Not on me, of course, but on Hannah.

Good looking yarn! That's a lotta yards...

Nice meat sheep!

Holy cow, can you spin! Good name for the yarn.
Your list just makes my head spin!

Is the meat sheep soft? That's what I really want to know.

It looks good though, all meat sheepy. :-)

Nice yarn! I really need to get back to my wheel....

I showed up at my parents' house on Thanksgiving to find my 64 year old mother wearing leggings. *shudder*

Lovely yarn!

Jesus. You are blowing my mind. 2583 yards of CABLED yarn?!?!?!?!?! You ARE one sick puppy! ;o)

Amazing yardage. Lovely meat sheep color.

So pretty! Mutton dressed up as yarn.

Lovely yarn. I'm guessing laceweight, then? That's going to be one big shawl. Heirloom Shawl, perhaps? It's in the right field for yardage.

You'd like less shopping and more sex in your cyber?

This meat sheep loves that spinning. Nice and neutral. It looks thick enough to me.

Next year? Plans? There's going to be another year? Again? So soon? /stomps off grumbling.

It was still cyber monday. You just had to go to the right sites. hahahahahaha


Hope you survive. We need you.

Sweetie. I'm sorry you were disappointed. The meat sheep yarn is so pretty. It would make an amazing sweater-jacket. Or did I recall incorrectly that you didn't think it was soft? Hugs, hunny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lovely yarn, as usual. Says she who is sitting on the couch with leggings on. But in my defense, they're jammies. I'm NOT leaving the house in them!

Amazon is calling it Cyber Week. Maybe it's time to work on that Wish List.

Lovely meat sheep.


1) My boss who is 5'10", blond, blue-eyed and stacked wears leggings and is one of the few people I know who should venture outdoors in them. I'll forgive her the leggings but not the Ugg boots.

2) Next time you're spinning singles as thin as the meat sheep yarn would you do me a favor and do a close-up of the singles with a coin? My mind boggles that you're getting so much yardage out of 12 ounces. I got 400 yards of 2-ply out of 4 oz and thought I was spinning thin. Impressive as always. It sure keeps your fiber cost down!

Cabled yarn is totally 4-ply. The best kind of 4-ply, in my book.
I will handle leggings, and tunic sweaters, and flat-heeled Robin Hood boots, but the high-school flashbacks will win and I'll run screaming into the night at the first sign of Dolman sleeves.

Leggings...my theory is (if anyone cares), that if you were young enough to wear them the first time around...you are too old to wear them now..LOL

Of course my opinion is not worth much..

Leggings might make sense up here, in the dead of winter when we're up to our asses in snow.
Anywhere else, not so much.
You're the only person I know who could spin the 4 miles of yarn needed for a Queen Susan Shawl (http://fleeglesblog.blogspot.com/2009/11/queen-susan-shawl.html)and probably only need about 4 oz of fiber...

Geezus, that's a lot of yarn.

Wait, how did we get on the topic of leggings? I'm not a fan. Cameltoe is not a good look on anyone.


Meat sheep yarn is rather rustic and nice looking. I don't spin so I'm guessing that you've managed to coax a great deal of yardage out of that fiber based upon the more gasps from the more knowledgeable commenters. Perhaps your the Rapunzel of meat sheep spinning?

P.s. Leggings go perfectly with a Christmas sweater.

Oooh that would dye up real pretty. I've been messing around with dyeing brown/white blends and it's lots of fun.

Good luck with your Mom & the appointment. More fun than a barrel of cabana boys.

What's wrong with leggings? They look so good on Barbie. :)

I get this feeling you weren't thinking Cyber Monday was when robot overlords come to enslave us. I probably don't want to know what you were thinking. :)

Great list!

That is tremendous meat sheep yarn.

I hope the appointment adventure was not too much.


I, too, would like a coin reference photo, just so my brain will have something to reference when I spin. :D I love that you produced so much "meat sheep" yarn. The color reminds me of the stuff I've been spinning forever but won't approach your yardage.

I still have a bunch of old leggings from their last pass...great for at the apartment/alone but otherwise I'm just not the woman to wear them in public.

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