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Friday, November 19, 2010


We went out to Wal-mart on this at that crack of morn. D could heard chuckling every time I muttered "f*ing snowbirds*.

Yay!! You got through the mystery wool.

I did my grocery shopping today, too, but I cheated and had the groceries delivered. It's so worth the $9.95.

Sounds like your day has been full of fun and adventure! o.0

Happy Friday and weekend to you. :)

I'm heading to the grocery store tonight. It's gotta be pretty dead on a Friday night. . . don't you think?

I wish I could figure out how to not have to go shopping for the rest of the year.

Tom Lehrer had it right...

"God rest ye merry, merchants, may ye make the Yuletide pay..."

I always have to brace myself for grocery shopping. This week, I unpacked the poorly packed bag and told the bagger if she did things properly, everything would fit in one bag. I am a bad customer.

I will grocery shop at the butt-crack of dawn tomorrow. And, Sweetie? I have never seen a ferret on crack.

I too grocery shopped today along with everyone else in my area it seems. I never thought I'd get out of there but I kept the cursing to a minimum.
Enjoy your weekend.

Elbow deep in sheepy water, eh? Could be worse...

You have a plan? Who are you?


Grocery shopping? Oh, yeah, I have to do that, too. Maybe Monday night about 9 pm...

Do you really want to know how to disinfect a cell phone? Cuz I can tell you what I do (and I'm the germaphobe queen of our group, at least that's what I've been told, hehe)

I was going to do the shopping yesterday, then R's truck decided to have a hiccup so he took my Jeep so I couldn't leave the house (which is fine, except for the week leading up to Thanksgiving, which we host), I WILL. NOT. go on a Saturday and we have ppl coming over tomorrow which leaves...Monday. Cutting it close makes it more exciting...right?!

Shopping. The one thing I want nothing to do with for the next month or so. Feh!!


I'm way behind and trying to catch up - working all week + PT = dead Toni on the weekends, sleeping lots!

As a Canadian, I simply don't understand the "breakneck speed" of shopping around Thanksgiving in the US. Its not like the holiday is a surprise, its the same time each year. I simply don't understand the frenzy.

However, I do hate grocery shopping in this town. Just once I would like to get everything on my list..even if I have to go to 5 stores. Who knew that you couldn't buy cabbage this time of year? Not me...

Do I want to know about the phone? Have I ever told you the story from when Texas was a prison guard years ago and the cell phone? No? :D

Happy getting out of the store without killing anyone!

ROFLMAO @ Joan's comment...
EWWWWWWWWWWWw @ Squish's comment.
We went shopping last night but waited until after 7 on a Saturday night. Only the other losers are out that late. :D

Hmmm ... you must have been channeling my car. Toyota seems to think that our CA emissions inspection is expired. Since we don't live there, it probably is and you were getting it done for us. ;-)

Yay! You survived and have a plan!

I hope all is well with the hat.

Elbow deep in sheepy water--sounds like a spa weekend. Maybe it will count itself. Is this for the laceweight cardi, or is this what you hope to be dk something? I spotted another laceweight cardi pattern that I need to investigate. Even if it is good in other ways, I do not want the little sleeve pleat bits.


I am so happy that we're going home for Thanksgiving! I emailed my grocery list to my mom this morning (I'm helping with the cooking) and she's going today.

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