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Wednesday, November 24, 2010


When I first read, it's Denise, I thought no, no, not me. I'm not an escaped mental patient, I'm still in the nuthouse. *grin* Besides, I would have fessed up.

I'm glad there is another Denise out there bold enough to come out.

Salt and pepper. I have candy cane hair, you should see those looks I get.

It is nice when an employee can actually help you and not stare blankly like they just had a lobotomy.

So glad you didn't stay away too long; it's always great to read your blogs. One thing I can say with certainty is that whatever you write about is a surprise and can seem to come out of nowhere! Ace hardware is a great store; too sad that people would rather go to big box stores and get no help whatsoever. Have a great turkey day!

Yay Denise! Very brave to come out of the woodwork and say who she is.

I've been to the Ace Hardware in Grand Forks to get metric bolts with a special top for DH and they did the same as for you. Walked right to where they were and picked out what was needed. Ace must actually train their workers!

Yay!! You're here!!

Have a good Turkey Day, dear!

I enjoy shopping at our local Ace Hardware, too. It always seems to be somewhat of an experience.

The all gray hair brings patronizing and/or completely ignoring me. Love it. I'm invisible, but loud. Hugs, dearheart. I love small stores and hardware stores are my faves. Happy Thanksgiving.

I'm not Denise, but I just realized I may show up in logs of others the way she did. I tend to poke about a bit, if I find a new blog that I enjoy, and read older entries. I also like books in a series as I enjoy character development. I hope I haven't caused others to think they are being stalked by a weird mental patient. I may be weird, but I don't think I'm dangerous!

Welcome, Denise, and welcome back, Cookie. I know you aren't really here, but let's pretend you are. My own gray looks like well-done frosting, or at least that is what I tell myself. Please don't bother to contradict me, I know I'm right. Happy t'day to you!

Hm...I might need someone to look inside my brain. Lube had a completely different image popping up in my mind - blame it on the wow commercials about making that special thing happen with his and her versions react when put together. My brain started ticking through what would be available at ACE that would work as lube...thankfully my brain caught up before I got too far down that path.

And no...even though I live with a house full of dogs, I'm NOT one of those people!

I know you're not really here, but I still want to say that I am glad you are here.

My Kiwi really likes the 5w-30 synthetic motor oil. I also recall the advice that wheels like to change lubes from time to time.

Hooray for good customer service!

Yes, there is hope.

Of course, weirder-ness is all around us.


Our Ace Hardware is just like that. The employees are great at giving advice on weird school projects, too - I suppose it helps that every kid who's had to make an atom mobile or a rollercoaster for the past zillion years has been in there with befuddled parents, but it really is funny to see the faces light up when you ask for the ball bearings small enough to roll freely through pvc tubing.


I prefer to describe my hair as dark brown laced with silver. It's my hair, I can say anything I want.
The real hardware stores tend to be staffed by people who have actually built things, rather than by kids who only know how to run a game controller...

I love to poke around our Ace Hardware store (or "Dianne's" as Neal calls it...he went to school w/the woman whose family has owned it for ages). The little boxes with metal things make me happy.

Also, hi Denise!

One day it really will be an escaped mental patient and then things will get really interesting!

I've never been in an Ace Hardware before. Then again, I try to avoid anything with the words "home improvement" nearby. It's better (and cheaper) for everyone involved if I stick to the baking and yarn activities.

Your hair is stunning, I'm sure. Stunning. Remember . . . grey is the new black. I know this for sure. Happy Thanksgiving to you, dear Cookie.

I think I'll just do a preemptive strike. The random person about to be poking from Ottawa/Toronto (one of my computers reads from there, I have no idea why) is just me.

Since the snow seems to have finally come to stay it's going to get rather boring around these parts and I've been forbidden from buying more books until after the holidays...

I wandered over from Joan's blog where I've been lurking for a while.

~ K.

Well, you know that ACE is the place with the helpful hardware man. Or woman in this case. I don't know if they even use that phrase anymore.

Anyway, I find a place like ACE to be way more helpful than Home Depot or Lowe's. Those places are just too big and have very few knowledgeable people working there.

Happy belated Thanksgiving.

Yay, glad you're really not really here . (I'm often not really there , or at least all there, myself).

Ace always rocks. Always.
I love the crackers. LOVE. Oh, and my stalker showed up today. It's been years.

It's kind sad that you notice when the service is good. Shouldn't good service be the norm? I know it's not and that's the sad part.

Our local Pathmark (food store) has the best employees. They were so good, I took the time to write the company and let them know. I want to reward the good service. Grocery shopping is a pita on a good day and they make it a little easier.

There is no hope for the world /sigh

I think I'll go check my blog stats and see if any curious activity has been going on lately. I did get an email last year from someone who said they felt like my long-lost sister, how much we had in common, etc., and then they never commented again! Now THAT was strange!

I'd like the holidays a lot better if there weren't so darn many people involved.

Happy Monday! /waves to the Denise who Came Out.

thanks to all the cool bloggers who've become friends :)

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