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Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Come back soon! The rain fooled me - I looked out the window forever to make sure it wasn't raining before walking to the bank and to get lunch and as soon as I crossed the street, it started raining. It's stopped now. People will live. ;o)

Take care of yourself, until you're able to come back. I usually fade away during the holidays myself.

It's cloudy and chilly here in the desert.

Take care of yourself.

We'll all be here, even the person in Roxoro, North Carolina ;)


I'm sorry you aren't happy right now. Can I still wish you a Happy Thanksgiving?

Hang in there, Cookie.



**I really hate this time of year**


At the risk of sounding like a stalker, I'll be here. You take the time you need, Sweetie. And, major hugs.

Hang in there, sweetie. Inbox is always open to you. *hugs*

Guess I'm glad I never went into your archives to read your blog from the beginning. Of course, if I were the freak in Roxboro getting called out, I'd introduce myself. ;-)

We made the decision to opt out of Thanksgiving Madness. We are traveling only as far as our own dining room table and not having anybody over.

Hope you survive the holiday week in one piece. Which is easier if you hibernate inside surrounded by comforting bits of fluff and a wheel. Just sayin'.

I'm very sorry you think I am a freak. I saw the veil that you knit for JessaLu for her wedding and thought it was truly lovely. I am a beginning knitter and thought I could get "inspiration" from your knitting. So you will no longer be able to call me a "freak", my name is Denise

Taking a break from the world is a good thing. We all need to do it from time to time.

Endure as best you can. Reach out for help if you need it.

I'll be hanging around waiting until you get back.

Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Go knit something fabulous and forget about everything. oo

D'oh! Sorry, Denise, once you announce yourself, you join the ranks of the Known Freaks like the rest of us. Welcome! We have cookies.
Oh, and Cookie! Just wait, in a few days they'll have the blow up Jesus and the blow up Frosty duking it out across the street to entertain you...
/runs away

Yes, life is too short, and I hope your time away is filled with loveliness, and is meatsheep-free.


Welcome, Denise! (Don't worry, she thinks we're all freaks...)
Cookie dear - rest, knit, spin. We'll wait.

You do know that I'll be texting you right? Freak.

Don't make me sstart on idiots. Because I really don't care who I offend.

I'm with you on hating this time of year. Things are far from boring in Memphis, but we have that lovely "middle aged woman style girl drama" going on over here too.

At least there's hard eggnog this time of year right?

**I really hate this time of year**

Just delurking to concur; offer my sympathies and platitudes (it'll all be over soon); and suggest pie. (Could it hurt to have pie? I think not. Will it make it better? I'll get back to you on that.)

Big hugs! Go curl up with some tea and fluffy fiber. We'll be here. xo

/Waves at Denise in welcome!

Like the colors in your pic.

Hope you won't need to much time off. We'll miss you. After all I enjoy your comments on life, fiber, etc... Helps with this time of year.

Can we send anything your way to make you smile?

Take care.

I hate this time of year too. Mostly because my husband's brothers and their families all make him feel like crap by never including him (us) in whatever their plans are. The worst is that I truly believe that if they didn't dislike me (not quite sure why, I am the one who gave up a year to take care of their dying father...) they would include him. Ah families...yuck!

Well, I'm not sure I would recognize you on national news, sweetie, but let's not make it a first. :D I'll peek in occasionally, as usual. Be well.

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