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Wednesday, September 29, 2010


101F. In September? Wow! It's in the low 70s here and that seems warm....

You're not knitting??

Whatever you want to do is fine with me, Cookie. Who's Nathan?????

Spinning is always good!

You should totally come to Rhinebeck this year. It will be cool but not cold, and I heard Nathan Fillion will be there. /runs

Trust me Cookie, you can't fix Stupid. As a Dispatcher, I would like to have a book of Stupid Tickets. They would be something like Parking Tickets..you'd give them out so that people would know that we know that they are Stupid..LOL

it has been one of those weeks here also...

Spinning makes it okay.

Distance Picture Frame Toss - who won the Olympics in that last year? I can't recall..

If only #6 was a felony.

Cheer up. It's supposed to be in the 90's by the end of the week.

I didn't know you were knitting a baby!


Is it something totally cool?

I'm turning a wool/silk blend into beautiful string that I need to find something to ply with it. (It's only 4 ozs so if I want to do anything with it I need something to go with.)

Nothing on the needles? Not even a sock? I think you must have a fever.

Having just learned more about barcodes than any human should bother with, I can see how two otherwise unrelated numbers might be mistaken.
Gearing up for next year?

I'm beginning to believe every week is one of those weeks. Hang in there.


Still trying to visual the throwing picture frames thing. I'm thinking that's what happens when too many of THOSE weeks happen in a row?

Just try not making it a month's worth of those weeks, mkay? xox (because trust me, so overrated)

Only 101?

Where did Natalie come from? I feel like I came in in the middle of the movie. I realize that this is not rare with me, and not your fault.

I am having one of those lifetimes! My son and I are convinced that we are living The Truman Show (with Jim Carrey). This week I have pulled someone's butt out of the fire (spending days to do so...and this being part of my business, made a whopping $40) and lost a good friend to cancer. And he had no life insurance and 5 kids, which just sucks! And it only started there. I do sometimes wish that I was a drinking woman....

Many people are pleased to be able to leave Folsom.

I have a love/hate relationship with package tracking. The lies, the teasing, the misinformation--some days they are too much for me.

Nothing? Not even those charts?

Yeah, spinning is good, and I am hopeful it is helping. My wheel is crying from lack of attention and yet it also advocates for more housework before spinning can commence. I think I am being tricked.


Did they furlough you for good behavior? :x

Not knitting is fine. So is not spinning. What matters is that you're happy. Now if your fingers are a-twitching, then I suggest you grab some needles. Or wait until January. It's going to be an interesting year. :D

Red scarf. It'll keep your fingers out of mischief and make Norma happy.

Spinning is good.

I'm a bit afraid to log into my blog now.

I should look but I do hope you've got some cooler more comfortable weather out there.

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