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Friday, September 24, 2010


There, there, you need to go see what Norma found at MickyD's. It might take your mind off TypePad, computers, and no minutes.

Your package needed a vacation.

Bev is awesome. Just sayin.

Our poor Cookie. Hugs and stuff!!!

What a day! xxxx

Good grief! Everything happens at once. TypePad won't work. Package goes on a trip. Computer won't work. And help line won't work. You have my sympathies.

BTW, I missed you!

You're back!!! :D

WTF Post Office!!?!

Off to read the typepad stuffs...

Just ffs. xoxox

Gotta love the post office. Sigh.

So let me get this straight: you broke the guy who tried to fix your box. Hmmm. I'm going to have ponder that one for a while. :^P And what's Total Care and who are their people? o.O

Well that sucks donkey balls, doesn't it? Glad there is a happy-ish ending?

When I bought my MacBook from the Apple people they told me it would be shipped from Philidelphia. I live in Southern Ontario. It took two weeks to get here via Singapore, Australia, and New York. I think there were a couple of other stops along the way. I was hoping it at least brought me a souvenier, even a t-shirt, but the selfish thing just smiled and winked at me. It didn't even cough up any dirty pictures of it's time abroad. Damn electronics.

Btw, I did miss your cranky self.

Just thrilled you got it working XOXOXO

That's a whole lotta crazy. Maybe it has to do with the phase of the moon or some such shit.


They were probably using Google Maps... I remember the time I using that to find the quickest way from Burlington, VT to Albany, NY (practically next door to each other.) They suggested a route that went through Canada, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

I'm dreading reading that link.

It sounds like my day with AT&T and Comcast. Number of minutes on the phone? 197. Problems solved? 0. Joy.

Maybe everything in the night skies are not just bright pretties, but warnings of difficulties. Ridiculous, just ridiculous.

And yes, of course, I miss you!


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