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Sunday, September 26, 2010


That is just *so* gorgeous!!

I forgot to tell you, this one is not at all hippy.

I did tell you that I love it though.


Love it! Glad this one seemed to go better than last time!

Oh my gosh that is beautiful. How many years did that take to knit?
Our Joan did a great job showing off your work.

You constantly amaze me, cookie!


so amazing.

Oh, hunny. That is a masterpiece. You are amazing!!!!!

Oh. That is wonderful! Beautiful! Gorgeous! Stunning!

Is that a crochet bind off to get all the loops?

Does Joan have another Niebling for you?? :)

Oh my! That is absolutely magnificent! I think you have outdone yourself this time.

WOW!! That is stunning!

Simply amazing!!! Two talented and truly beautiful friends!!


Wow! It's absolutely beautiful. I want to see a video of how fast your fingers move when you knit. Either that, or you have learned how to knit in your sleep. How do you do it?

Absolutely gorgeous!!!! How long did this take to knit?

so lovely!!!

It's positively ethereal. It belongs in a showcase, under glass, protected by laser rays.

I'm-a pushin' your love (1,000) button!

It's amazing! Congratulations on this, it's quite an accomplishment.

Holy God. 1 mm needles? Who uses those? Elves?

I digress. Your lace is GORGEOUS. Amazing!


Three weeks to knit this thing!?!! Lovely. Have you ever considered designing your own lace?

Three weeks. Seriously. THREE WEEKS to knit that amazing, beautiful, gigantor table doily? O.o Don't discount what you do, it's phenomenal.

Wow, that is seriously gorgeous!

Amazingly Beautiful !

Well done yourself.

[I had it easy. I just knit the thing.]

Puhleeze! don't sell yourself short.
You does good work sweetpea, not just the knitting of but the giving of too. :-)


I'm gasping for breath because your ginormous doily in all its beauty took my breath clean away! Brava!

I bow before you! I bow before Joan who blocks! After seeing that I might as well just use my needles to stab my eyes out.

Omg you knitting fool! It is simply amazing.

I can't wait to see what's next.

She may need a bigger table, but she should give me her wheel to make room for it.

Beyond Lovely! Just perfect; but I agree, needs a bigger table.

Absolutely. Drop. Dead. Gorgeous!
I worship at your feet.

Absolutely stunning.

Beautiful! :)

It's very beautiful, congratulations. I hope that this one was less painful.

Even if Joan had the blocking work. She gets to enjoy the wonderful results. Congrats on another wonderful knit.

I think she needs a bigger table. Wow, for all the angst, you, Joan and Niebling are a good team.

That came out amazing especially with all the extra work you had to do deciphering the pattern. You are a knitting goddess.

It's beautiful, Cookie! I think your thread/needle choices are great. Joan certainly has shown your work very well, and I cannot wait to find out what she has planned next.


Absolutely gorgeous. I bow to your lace mastery.

It keeps you from stabbing people doesn't it?


wow. Do you look at those photos and say " holy sh*t I MADE that"?

Gorgeous. I want one!

That is beyond cool. The picture with it over the wheel is inspiring. :D

Great Job knitting that crazy thing, Cookie.

Great Job, blocking it Joan.

The blocking would have made my back ache, but the knitting would have made me commit murder or lose my mind. So you both are fucking crazy awesome. :D

Geezus, you are amazing! I mean, wow. WOW!

You and Joan are an amazing team! That is one gorgeous doily-thing. :-)

OMG-I bow to your flying fingers! This is just awesome.

Wow, there are no words for how super-freaking awesome this is.!

*dies from the gorgeousness*

Dear God in heaven, but that is beautiful.


Love, love, love it!

Gorgeous, Cookie! Marvelous photos that show it in a very nice environment. :D

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