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Thursday, September 23, 2010


Good grief! Sounds like a total cluster-fuck.
Ravelry should be no problem - they have an "I forgot my password" link.

Fingers and needles crossed. Would it help to sacrifice cashmere beneath the full moon? I hope not.

Hope your ailing computer is fixed soon! And that you found a hot Geek-In-A-Box to fix it :)

I love that she had you post this for her. And geez, I was thinking OJ too but I'd hope he'd have a newer car by now.

As long as our Cookie is ok and it sounds like she is (random observations and all).


I'm so sorry to hear that your box is out of order. I hope the young men can fix your box soon.

Love, Me

Poor Cookie

Hope everything is better soonest.

Damn, that sounds bad and scary!

Sounds like all the weird decided to gang up on you on the same day!

Here's hoping the weirdness subsides soon. And that you get your box fixed.... :o

Some of those Geek Squad guys are . . . well, smokin' comes to mind. (Some, though, not so much.) Hope everything comes to right soon. (And that wedgie thing? Way too much of that going around.)

Compromising? I guess I shouldn't resend that video of the cockatiel, whipped cream, and 25 yards of pink polyester mesh fabric.

Speaking of cockatiels...

Sounds like Cookie's Best Buy is a hell of a lot more interesting than mine! Hoping the computer is fixed soon, so we can all hear the rant coming about it!

I hope your computer is back from the hospital before I go it (in other words, surgery next Wednesday).

And how are you surviving without a computer? I'd go insane!!!

Sounds like she's right in the middle of all the action, who needs a computer?

Damn. I'm all out of compromising shit. Damn!

All I can say is now I know for sure how much I LUV you!

I didn't know our boxes could even be dropped off. See, that's why I come here, for the education.

And how is our Cookie reading this if she no longer has a box?

One word - wow

xoxo - good luck! Hope that geek squadder doesn't go all crazy with yer box...(or maybe he will! hehehe)

Isn't this a new computer? At least your box is in good hands.

Well look at that, I've caught up with your blog again! I find I do it much the same as I eat Oreos. I sit down with twenty of them and consume them all at once. Yep, your blog is delicious.

Oh, Cookie, you have to go to this blog - http://www.nownorma.com/ - and read the post for 9-24-10. It's too funny and instantly made me think of you. Gotta go, I'm heading to my nearest McDonalds...

Hai, Cookie and Hai, KnittyOtter! I hope the box repair is proceeding well but based on what our Joan just posted I'm guessing not.

Here's hoping for a speedy computer recovery. Though it is always excuse to buy a new shiny one. It doesn't matter how old the previous one is. :)

No! I am pouting in protest at the unfairness of this.


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