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Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Makes me glad I use Wordpress although there's no guarantees there either. I like Google Reader now that I've made it act like bloglines. It definitely picks up the feeds much quicker.
I need something to blog about for tomorrow. Help!

I loves me some Wordpress and Google Reader.

*sigh*. I've been switching between Reader and Feedly, but I can't decide which I prefer.

I've been ready to leave Typepad for a while, but I'm a lazy ass about migrating everything over to wordpress. I hope they behave better!

feedly, huh? Bloglines told me I could export my blogs, but not exactly how to do that, so I'm just beginning to think about it. You're on both Google and Bloglines so I never miss a missive. And, don't you dare lock your blog. It would break my heart (and others I'm sure).

I'll give you the secret code to the secret code thing. hahahah. You want a domain? I haz ton of space. You just need to choose a blogging platform. Although wp works best with my host. Besides, I'll need to have someone carry on the legacy.

The more things change. . . the more things stay the same. Or something like that.

Stunned silence

Think I understood about 2% of what you said being as I mostly use a fountain pen and a list of favourites but it sounds like a mess. Do you need chocolate?

Yeah. Warm and cuddly Typepad, I'm just waiting for the ax to fall. What, if you don't advertise, we'll make it so obnoxious for you that you will leave? Seems likely. How does one make GoogleReader act like bloglines? I can't import my marked posts.

I'm about as happy as you are.

Hey there. I'm Natalie, a TypePad Product Manager. Yes, it's true that we'll soon be a new company, but this does not mean the end for TypePad at all! We're still planning, developing, and releasing new features destined to help our bloggers with greater distribution of their blog posts and offer more opportunities to be paid for doing what they love. Plus, our support team is made up of some of the hardest working people that I know.

"We help bloggers succeed" is the motto we've used to sum up what we do, and that purpose still stands true.

Ugh, I've detested using a new feed reader, but getting actual timely feeds has been kind of nice. I started using Google, and now that I'm more used to it, it's okay. I still liked the bloglines set-up better. Really, not picking up feeds was my only complaint about it.

Also, the lies about exporting your existing feed upset me, but only because I have a *million* blogs, and damn, that was a lot of copy and paste!

Ugh, ads on blogs. When will people learn that not everyone wants to see ads on every free square inch of the internet?

I switched to Google Reader right after Bloglines made their little announcement and I haven't looked back. Shortly before that my blog host announced their closing too. I've started a new blog at wordpress. It's OK but I'm having a little trouble moving my old blog over. I hate the lack of control more than anything.

I've been using Google Reader since the Bloglines screwed around awhile back. You can export your feeds as a file and I know Google will import it, I'm sure others will, too.

And I love my setup - Wordpress on my own blog. I had a Vox blog way back when, and still have one elsewhere and an elsewhere-knock-off (I have codes, too, if you want one).

Typepad was sold??? Argh. And here I thought it was mellowing out.

I love Google Reader. It'll probably be next.

This is exactly why I'm blogless... less headaches.

well crap. thanks for the thumbs up re: Google reader and.... feedly? I need to get my ass in gear and make the change. crap. xox

It sounds like a real mess to me! I use Blogspot because it was easy to find and really really cheap (free). :)

P.S. Is Natalie in the comments really someone from TypePad??

Thank FSM I switched to Reader a couple years back. I see you got a comment from a TypePad product manager -- I guess they keep track of What The Cookie Sez. But she still says they "...offer more opportunities to be paid for doing what they love." I'm pretty sure that's code for advertising.

Oh poor Typepad, they just don't get what we're doing here. I moved to Wordpress in the big revolt and never looked back. Plus it's free. My favorite price.

I switched over to Google reader in about 2 minutes using the help link. Google is helping the team (for now).

I wonder if Natalie knits.

I prefer Google reader but when I'm sharing a laptop w/ my husband I have used bloglines for expedience because he's always signed into google as himself and I don't want to have to dick around. Alas.


I switched over to Google reader, but I still automatically sign on to Bloglines in the morning, while I'm waiting for the coffee to brew.
Looks like Natalie didn't actually read your post...


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