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Monday, August 30, 2010


The worst part of any trip is the laundry. *L*

Claudia has gorgeous legs! I'm jealous.

48 stitch markers. Wow!

Would those be in the bottom of your knitting bag?

Gorgeous cheerful socks. Yay, Joan is home!! Only 48 markers? I have never ever ever used that many;-D

Socks that color would brighten a day in hell. Are you going to count each marker as you pull them out of your bag just to insure you have 48 and not one marker more?

LOL.... glad to hear the Niebling is going better than the last one!

The socks are beautiful and, having met Claudia, I can tell you that she has legs up to her eyeballs. Good thing we like her or we'd have to hate her for that.

LOVE the socks, and how wonderful that they arrived just when Claudia needed a boost. You have good timing.

Yay! Joan is home!!!

Wow, those are BRIGHT ORANGE! I'm blind!

Those are so bright! I love them. They definitely would brighten anyone's day, and it is nice that they arrived at just the right time.
I finished spinning the roving for my dad's birthday socks...epic failure! I think I got a bit ahead of myself and just need to practice more before I think I can do something like that. So, practice I will. The yarn would be more appropriate for a rug than socks....although parts of it seems to be fingering weight, most of it is worsted to bulky. I love teh color and it will get used for something, but it won't be socks ;^)

The socks worked out great. Claudia looks like a perfect sock model, too.

My first thought was, damn, if only I could make Orange look that good! Great looking socks!

They're wonderful. Claudia should model everyone's socks for them.

Claudia has quite the legs!

More Neibling? You are a glutton for punishment, aren't you...

Love the socks and the color too!!


Only 48? I'm looking forward to seeing it, the first pic was so gorgeous.

Nice socks! Claudia should be a sock model.

Lovely socks for my sister, and indeed just a great thing to get with such bad kitty prognosis.

Stitch markers are easily found at Lowe's in the hardware bins.

hey i saw that picture someplace else, too. nice work missy. i can't do caps tonite, it disturbs the cat on my lap. no sacrifice too small...

Cute socks! So that's what tall looks like.


She rocks the orange, and you did a great job on those socks!

I think slipping 48 stitch markers a round might make me poke out my eye.


Those are the orangest socks I ever saw! Perfect!
I always get a little feeling of satisfaction when I get to a stitch marker - (hooray! another repeat done!) - I'm imagining how that would feel 48 times per row...

Knock knock.
Who's there?
Orange who?
Orange you glad you knit a beautiful pair of socks?

I have been home for a week and I am still up to my whatsis in laundry, thanks to an assist from the cat and the kid. I just know they planned it together.

Great looking cheering socks, you are the best!
and I wonder, how many stitches will those 48 markers separate?!? good luck :)

So beautifully orangy! Don't bother to thank me, I know you are busy counting right now! :)

Such happy socks! Love them :-D

I wander back here all of a sudden and you've got hot legs on your blog!

Modeling orange, no less!

The world is a very intereting place :)

Those are outstanding sock modeling legs, surpassed only by the gorgeous socks themselves.

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