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Friday, August 27, 2010


Happy Friday! Your nekkid ladies are beautiful!!!

Hey, Pink! A nice surprise on this page!

Pretty pink! Does the foliage come up and die in spring for this plant? (Just wondering, those flowers look a bit familiar to me from my mom's garden....but she called it the mystery lily, which was also a gift.)

Happy Friday!! *hugs*

Gorgeous! Sorry to tell you, but your linky takes us to a picture of someone without a head wearing a lace poncho. I want to see those deep pink fleurs.

I have no idea what your taking about (please check link), but I LOVE the color of your flowers.

The nekkid ladies sure are pretty!

You must have a gremlin in your computer! Got a photo of a varigated poncho on your linkie.


So very pretty, me dear old da was very partial to the nekkid ladies.
hey, that's no nekkid lady in your link ;^)

Arrrgh! We've been Rick-Rolled! (Or is that Cookie-Rolled?)

You wanted to make sure we saw that damn thing, didn't you?

I am glad you fixed the link, I've already seen the poncho and have had nightmares...

I prefer the purple ones, but I bet that's a huge surprise ;-)

Really pretty! Interesting thing is that these are the opposite of the Surprise Lilies (lycoris squamigera) that I've got - their leave come up in spring, die back and then the flowers pop up in July/August.

I love that you are comparing plant sharing to wife swapping. Fantastic!

Very lovely. If you lived near me, you'd have a whole yard full of black eyed Susans, which I'd leave on your doorstep in the middle of the night!


I love your naked ladies!!!!!

Interesting part of the world. Someone gives you a bag of naked ladies and tells you to bury them, no one asks questions, and the results are beautiful.


Gorgeous ladies! :-)

Pretty ladies!
I wish I had those in my garden, but up here the cold would make them Blue and Gooosebumpy Naked Ladies...

BBBBBBBBAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA you tried to save them and rick-rolled them instead, knitting style. DYING.
Pretty flowers, tho.

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