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Monday, August 23, 2010


Smiling and nodding;-P

It's really pretty - you'd better start knitting some of that handspun up before you're buried in it!


Step away from the gas pump before you hurt somebody. Gee, I think your schedule for spinning is just about right. There has to be a marination period.

A rooster in a tree? At a gas station? I think I must be confused. But not about that yarn. Gorgeous!

I didn't think a rooster could fly enough to get into a tree! Must be Super Chicken! /not helping am I?? :)

Pretty yarn!

Hope the rest of the week has less weirdness for you. o.0

ooh - it's just beautiful! What are you going to make with it??? Gorgeous... yum!

As for the rooster in the tree? Beam me up Scotty!!! :D

My mother refused to pump her own gas. I tried to show her how and she told me that she was a) a woman and b) of a certain age therefore she didn't have to learn.

I'm laughing too much over the melon baller to comment.

#6 resonated so nicely with me.

A rooster? In a tree? By a gas station? Have you been approached for your own reality show yet?

Gorgeous yarn.

Smiling while nodding forcefully !

I love your yarn.

You could move here. We're not allowed to pump our own gas. The love monkey has spent the last 6 years driving to Washington state so he could do his own gas pumping.

I'd smile and nod but it's one of those Mondays for me as well.

I'm from Oregon, where it's *illegal* to pump your own unleaded gas. (Ironically, as a state, we are usually forefully independent- it's a weird balance). The gas thing usually isn't a problem until I go on vacation. Then, I just smile and own up to my Oregonian way and ask someone who looks nice how the whole thing works. Although the first time I was in California with my mom alone, I fully admit to waiting longer than we should have thinking 'someone will come out here in a minute'. Yeah, probably not until they were done laughing at the idiot Oregonians! Love the yarn. No pic of the rooster?

I am totally giggling about most of the word associations. I bet you know which ones, too ;-)

Smiling and nodding, yes ma'am!
Have you got a melon baller on hand, or do you need to borrow one?

Roosters in the tree, melon ballers, and year old berries. Yeah, sounds about par for the course in your little corner of the Twilight Zone...

Actually, if you take #6 out if your list, it takes on a very interesting tone. Especially starting at #5. :)

The Unconscious Mutterings are such fun lists.

Yes, the colors really are wonderful and clear in your new yarn. I love it!


A rooster? Omen or sign? :D Lovely pinkness from our Manise. Lovely yarn, Cookie, I'm going to have to look up cabling.

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