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Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I'm sewing today. And now I'm trying not to think about how it is the last Wednesday in August!!

I hope this one is less eventful than the last.


I see two projects with photos on the pattern page, one a poncho and one not. It looks like for the poncho she just picked a point in the pattern where there were enough sts to go around the neck and worked from there. To each her own. The doily project (by misterpuck) looks pretty good, although (like you) I would do it in a solid color, probably a light one.

I must say Niebling's designs are gorgeous. Too bad his book was edited by squirrels.

I just dropped a stitch on my socks. I was walking and found a "design feature" that I decided to fix and ... there went a stitch. Down about three rows. And I'm not a good dropped-stitch-fixer. I think I'll have to switch projects for a while until I can go to my LYS and cry so that someone fixes it for me.

Just washed my handwoven fabric for Little Squid's tallis. I am in heaven! So soft! Good luck on the neibling.

Looks beautiful; hope it goes smoothly . . . for all 199 rows. As for me? I'm hoping for some time to knit something (anything) on this last Wednesday in August!

You're a brave, brave soul to tackle another Niebling.

I'm still working on the Norwegian Woods Shawl. Still in the lace mode....wonder how long that will last?

Is it really the end of August already??

Scarves. All scarves, all the time. I'm trying to make 25 by December.

I can't believe you're doing another Niebling.

Mosquito bites. Of course, my life is seriously dull, but we both have decided that that's ok, right? Your new Niebling is very pretty.

I love the love/hate relationship you have with Niebling. This piece is gorgeous as well.

Lovely so far! Hopefully the squirrels missed this pattern after feasting themselves on the last one.

I've started a new round lace myself. The computer seems to think it's hilarious to print my PDF files wrong. I'm cruising along in clue 2 of my pi shawl shape, and suddenly my chart goes from number 8 to 15. Seeing how I'm not drunk, this is rather alarming. A quick re-print comes up with the same issue. So now I'm going to have to knit from my computer screen for four or five rows. Ugh.

Maybe squirrels could have done a better job.

However, you're more than 1/4 of the way through the rows, so that's somewhat promising.

If there are problems later in the pattern, you could always just make ponchos for your minions.

It's looking lovely! Good luck, not sure if I'd have the nerve to take the plunge so soon again. :) I'm doing the WendyKnits Sheltand Pi KAL, it's interesting, first time I've ever knit a Pi Shawl.

Pie. I'm working on pie. Eating it, not making it. Then I'm working on sleep.

I REALLY need to see the variegated poncho.
I'm appliqueing, but not flowers.

Are you insane, doing another pattern from *that* book?!

I'm working on a hat for my sweetie, and a pair of socks for me. Didn't get a stitch knit today, though...

Nothing like Niebling & full employment for squirrels. It's pretty gorgeous.

I'm knitting a Flutter scarf. I'm hoping I can finish at least that in my lifetime.

Oooh! So very pretty! I hope that it continues to be cooperative. Also, I keep thinking, "A Niebling a day...."

Perhaps turning a Niebling into a variegated poncho is revenge for the errors in the other patterns.

Last Wednesday of the month? Srsly? Wait, now it's Thursday. I think I am going to forgo with trying to figure out what happened and maybe do something. I have been mittening some.


Working on a milk cotton jacket for Moi and a lace scarf from a pattern found in my archives.
So far so good on both :-)

The start of your 'nother Ni....ng' is looking good. Hope the rest of the project is squirrel free.
Should you come across any of these 'rats trailing feather boas'. throw a few nuts into a neighbours garden to distract 'em fron your pattern. ;-)

I knew you weren't done with that old German.
I've promised myself Lyra if I finish the one I'm working on.
Nieble nieble nieble...

I have my fingers crossed that this pattern will continue to be flaw free! I'm working on a shawl for a bride who is getting married much sooner than I'd prefer - given my place in this pattern.

Wow, you really are a gluton for punishment. :-) I'm continuing to work on a pair of socks and spinning for sock yarn.

So pretty! I'm working on Haruni, and I just queued that Queen of Heaven shawl that I would never have seen had you not faved it!! :D Beautiful, and I love pinwheel swirlies.

Are you a glutton for punishment or a genius?

That is looking so very lovely!
An Annis, using some handspun shetland. handpainted variety, Navajo plied, and I still don't know if I like it or not.
That Diane and her pie. Now I want pie. Peach pie.

Me, I'm just a glutton for pie.

I'm on a hat binge. Or I'm trying to be on a hat binge. Most of one hat probably doesn't make a binge yet.

Knitting a small shawl and thinking of knitting a pair of kilt socks for my b-i-l to be as a pressie for his wedding on the 11th of Sept. He is 6'4.5" tall with calves to match. I think about 2' of that is his leg length to his knees. He lives 300 miles away and I won't see him until 2 days before The Day.

Let's see now, IF I had the yarn and IF I cast on tonight and IF I didn't sleep, I could do it, right??

See what madness you inspire??

It' s Thursday now, but i am still away and all my internet at.the cottage is dial-up or now on my droid so things are slower to vet done. I am going to be working on a pair of socks for my dad's eightieth birthday on Sept 10. I just finished the yarn for them
yesterday. It isn't quite as fine or even as I was hoping for, but your advice helped me get much closer than before so thank you! Now to swatch and determine which needles to use. Andthen to get crankin on these babies. Fortunately (or unfortunately ) I have a 12 hour ride home on Sunday and then 10 days with an 18 hour drive to Florida to work on them.

If anyone could rock a variegated poncho, you could...

I can't freaking believe you didn't burn that book after the last horror show of knitting (tho the end result is pretty)! Good luck...

You're showing that old book who's on top, aren't you? :D So pretty! I'm still closing in on finishing sock #1 and thinking of the Williamsro WIP.

Which project do you want to know about? I've got three that I'm currently knitting on. Plus At least 4 other project on needles in the on hold pile. And we haven;t started talking about the spinning pile or the dyeing that can occur until I dig the kitchen out from under the tomatos that need canning.

Last week of August? when did that happen..
I am knitting socks and tossing yarn to figure out which shawl to cast on for. I am struggling between 100% Handmaiden silk or Cadenza merino/silk blend. I could 'waffle' this decision until Thanksgiving..
Crap, I need to hem a pair of pants for work on Monday or go in my undies..guess that is first?

I wish I had the guts to try a Niebling. Of course, I would have to un-cheap and buy the book first, but that's another story!!
I am working on a Dream in Color worsted weight version of the Kellokukka shawl, trying to decide when to stop for the right length. I love this pattern, have done 2 already. (If you want to try it, search Rav for a re-interpretation of the graph 2 that show the whole of one repeat).

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