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Monday, June 21, 2010


I have never gotten into soccer myself, but I'm glad you like it! Enjoy the games! XOXO

Hmm, yes, they are studly, but I worry that bouncing that ball off their heads all the time is going to affect their brains. To say nothing about what it does to their hair! Oy! Does that make me weird or old or both?

I have been enjoying the games myself...except those damned horns

Yea!!!! for the "burbs". I've had country, city, burbs and out in the boonies with no plowing during winter months.

Delighted to hear you're happy living in the 'burbs'[til the neighbors wake that is ;-) ]

World Cup, You can have my share ~ those vuvuzelas drive me crazy. Living & working close to Manchester United's ground 'Theatre of Dreams' I've had more than my fair share of Footie & it's fans. :-)

You are indeed lucky in your friends.

Take care.

I love me some World Cup, too - who knew? I'm thinking the North Koreans should probably stay in South Africa after this morning...


I'm wondering about the French team myself. I'm leaning toward the insanity, because just being a spoiled brat is no excuse. I love the aqua drinking fountain. And, you make rather excellent points about the burbs;-P Happy Monday, Cookie!!!!!!!!!!!!

The water fountain looks so 50s! I have no idea about any type of football, whether real or imagined. Your burbs sound more interesting than my burbs.

Even the burbs are too crowded for me. How city people can stand it, I'll never know...
I don't watch any of the footybally games. You can have my share of enjoyment.

Aqua for agua?

I live in France. Even the French can't figure out what is wrong with the French team. This morning I heard the philosopher Alain Finkielkraut (he's also a football fanatic) being interviewed on a national radio station about "what's wrong with the Bleus". He brought up an excellent point: "A pack of small-time thugs does not constitute a team. This is no longer the philosophy of football, but the philosophy of the Sopranos, the Mafia."

I paraphrase because I'm not a professional translator, and it's been a long day. It just tickles my sense of the absurd that a philosopher would be pontificating about soccer, but ça c'est tellement français! The English team are in second place as far as the bitching and moaning goes. Is it my imagination, or is NOBODY having any fun on the pitch this World Cup?

Yea...another World Cup fan! We have been watching lots of soccer at our house and have spent lots of time yelling at the poor officiating...it has been terrible.

I'm watching too. The US got totally ripped off. I've no idea what his imaginary foul was for that. And no there has been really no 'joy' on the field. Brazil's 'Beautiful Game' has obviously been left at home..and Italy? Really? Plus France..Spain.. It's been crazy upsets/ties.

The fountain is adorable. Nice clean lines and very nostalgic. My burbs..eh..not tons of excitement here.

And Cookie, you get to watch real football every TWO years. Don't forget the Women's World Cup. There's some good game there too!

Okay. Now I have the Safety Dance song stuck in my head! :-)

I was going to comment something, but since you mentioned goalkeepers, I can't concentrate anymore. I um... never mind.

Well that explains the radio silence, doesn't it? Enjoy!

Actually I love watching soccer, the form.. the ahem, pretty young men. but I keep forgetting. to watch. I know. how lame is that.
I do want that aqua water fountain. wants it I tell ya. I'd install it in my kitchen.. no wait, on the back patio. yeah. I want it.

Your Dairy Queen looks suspiciously original. Sadly, all of ours have been 'retrofitted' into the current style. I think your aqua water fountain is fabulous!

Love that aqua water fountain. My Dairy Queen has one but not so stylish.

My burbs? I wouldn't trade them for the world. They might get a little weird at times but who doesn't.

Is this the time I come clean and tell you that I'm oh so sorry but I have not been watching the world cup. It's not that I don't like soccer it's that I really do not know anything about it. This will be my new goal ;-) to educate myself about this sport. LOL

The water fountain would look adorable in my kitchen. Could you rip it off and send it to me, please?

I knew I love you and now I know why, you call it football, YAY!

But why oh why you went back to that awful soccer at the last paragraph, why?!?

Glad you like the soccer. Just can't get into it myself. I like our football with the shoulder pads and helmets and tight pants and everyone crashing into each other. oohhh. ;)

I think I'm the only one not watching World Cup. Oh wait, Dale doesn't watch it either. What a relief - I'm not alone!

You need an aqua toilet near it!

Must teach Americans to say football and that the thing they refer to as football is football american.

Also the French seem to be crazy

I once found myself in the midst of a Scottish rugby team. Yum!

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