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Tuesday, June 22, 2010


That IS a lovely dish. Where's it from?

I want that dish!

Is the dish ceramic? I think it is simply lovely. And, the cranky will be back. I depend on it;-D

Love the dish ... it would be adorable with sushi on it!

The dish looks a bit like the mugs that Starbucks had at Christmas a couple years ago...maybe they still have them. I don't go there, only went to look at the mug but I was too cheap to buy it. Oh! Off track. I like the dish!

And which lace book is it? I'm wanting to get one but hate to buy one worthy of a scathing review!

The dish was from the weird store where I buy the maple sugar candy, the biscotti and the sponge candy. It's attached to a huge liquor store where old people buy stuff by the case full - the parking lot is fraught with danger.

Sadly, the dish was the only one of it's kind.


One of a kind..that's our Cookie, so she deserves the dish.

I've been sitting on a review of Knitting on Top of the World by Nicky Epstein for over a year and a half now. I'm wondering if it's worth the 'net rage to be bleedingly honest about how I feel.


The dish is fantastic! I'd like to have one myself.

That is a great dish! I have a mug from Starbucks that is a lot like it and while I love the look of it, it is not overly "comfortabel" to drink out of. And if that is wierd, then sign me up for wierd!

Your personal weirdness is definitely charming, that's for sure! And that dish is Really Cool. I covet it. :-)

Ooh, I'm quite intrigued to discover what this lace book could possibly be. I hope I don't have to wait until I come back from Bali!

Not weird at all, very neat dish.

Are you spinning while watching soccer?


You have your very own charm.
Joan's comment cracked me up, "the parking lot is fraught with danger"... haaaaaaaaaa.
so ok, won't be buying ANY lace books this week;^)


The only cable on pottery I have is one I found at Starbucks- on a mug. Many of us here on the right coast have one. There was kind of a run on them-lol.

I can't wait for the cranky lace review myself. Glad you're in a good mood!

I don't know ... I keep thinking that tomorrow is Thursday.

Damn, woman, your cranky must have come to visit me, because I sure had enough for both of us!

What are you testing?! :) Love the dish that matches my Starbucks mug!
I wouldn't dream of telling you what to do but isn't it just asking to have a a lovely skein on yarn draped across it? Sort of like a before and after?

I was here. I read the cheerful. I don't feel any more cheerful than I did. But I am glad that you are (cheerful). The dish is cute. Can't wait for the scathing book review!!

I agree, I was rooting for South Africa!

That dish is so cute!

You absolutely are charming!


The dish is perfect - Ms. Joan always nails it.

Can't wait to hear about the lace book. I'm cranky, myself, and need some company.


You make me chuckle!

Love the dish! (you might start out cranky today but after you read all the comments on my post about the wedding shawl you'll be all squishy, I can (almost) guarantee it *grin*)

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