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Thursday, June 24, 2010


I understand. You went to the store for essentials. Is it odd to have a skein of yarn in your purse? Oh, my.

I especially like digging for a pen and pulling out needles in four different sizes from my bag....

I realized this morning that either my stash has gone walkabout and is not living in the little drawers of my card catalog like it should be or I have no yarn....

You mean that's not normal?

Oh, shit.

Don't go back to the grocery store! It sounds scary.

I love it! When I tried to pull out change the other day from my wallet, a bunch of stitch markers fell out.... no change, just stitch markers :)


Oh dear. I've done that same thing. And gotten the same "what the heck" look.

Bagels and ice cream, huh? I like my bagels with cream cheese but the ice cream must be a California thing.

Maybe you could have battered with her. I recently was picking up a $350 pair of glasses. The clerk loved my ring and said she wanted it. I told her I'd barter the ring for the glasses. Eh, the ring was worth $6...a little bling bling that would soon tarnish...lol.

The cashier is nuts if she thinks it's NOT normal to have yarn in your purse. Sheesh!

Standing in line to register The Boy for swim lessons this morning, I'm wearing my "a daily dose of fiber" Ravelry shirt. The muggle moms in front of me GOT IT. One even told a story about how she told some friends recently that she'd started spinning, meaning at the gym on a bike. Her friend said, "really? what are you making?" Maybe muggles aren't as useless as once imagined...

At any rate, ice cream and bagel sandwiches sound perfect!

I once absent-mindedly pulled a Tampax out of my handbag while at the check-out (blush). Sorry, that's all I've got!

Was it peanut butter flavored ice cream? That would be pretty good on bagels!

What are you doing at the grocery store when there's soccer to watch?

Tsk, you're such a tease. Nothing about what color yarn or if there were needles in the purse too or if the yarn was lace weight or what you plan to knit with it.

Ha! I always have to move yarn to get to my wallet.

You are not nuts. You're just a knitter.

I never figured you for someone who'd get hauled in for assault by deadly skein.

And, uh, what's wrong with bagels & ice cream? My friend was buying only baby food (for her cat) and beer and got a dirty look from the cashier. Oh, unless it was crappy ice cream. Life is way too short for crappy ice cream.

None of that sounded the least bit odd. ice cream, bagels, yarn in bag. it all sounds good to me.

You know... a skein of yarn is probably not the oddest thing that could have come out of there.


cruisin' on the day before he comes home

Yarn? Try underpants. Not that I would know about this firsthand or anything. Ahem.

I have done them all--yarn, needles, tampon, stitch markers. Maybe I need a life aside from knitting!!

Yeah, with me it's usually a tampon. Yarn would seem downright tame in comparison!


Bagels. Ice Cream. Yarn. Somehow it doesn't seem strange to me at all.

Doesn't everyone take part of their stash for a trip out now & again?
Yarn can get bored waiting in a stash until it's time to grow into something interesting. :-)
A trip to the store for bagels & ice cream is just the sort of thing to liven up a hank of yarn.

Take care


I always have knitting in my purse. Usually it's in one of Jessalu's box bags, and most often in the one with the sock monkeys on it. If that is nuts, then lock me up!

Having yarn in my purse is my comfort. :D Not that I do all that much with it lately......

Good luck with the control stuff...sounds fine to me but it is your purse. :D

But isn't this normal? Doesn't everyone pull a skein or two and maybe a project out of their purse before finding the wallet? I know I do. But then I'm in a small town and folks may just not realize that I'm crazy. After all I'm knitting a wool sweater in 100 plus degree weather and letting the tank top that's also on needles languish for the moment.

It'd only be worriesome if you then apologized that it was just some simple cascade 220 and not handspun.

Is stash control even possible? I think not for me!

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