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Friday, June 25, 2010


Poor Joan!! I meant to ask this the other day.... once you got that drop-dead gorgeous veil off the needles, did that Addi circular straighten itself out? When you posed the problem, I wondered if it would (a similar situation having happened to me). Inquiring minds....

Sounds horrifying.

Everyone take a shower...QUICK!!

Gad! Is there no sanctuary from asshats?

For that reason I hate Amtrak unless its the NE Acela and then only the quiet car...and even that car has to regulated every now and then. ~ksp

Little do the rat bastards' parents know that they are now infamous!


LOL. OK. Be waiting on the edge of my seat.

No, CindyCindy, indeed there is no sanctuary from asshats. At least, I've never found it and I've looked, and looked, and looked . . .

We just got home from a trip to a huge waterpark in Wisconsin for two days. It sounded like this ALL THE TIME. :)

Of course, I wasn't stuck in a moving vehicle with them. I guess it's a little different.

I forgot to tell you about the one that kept trying to play peek a boo with Gary - while Gary was asleep.

They were unable to locate all the shoes when we reached Penn Station but they walked out onto the platform anyway.


Train ride from h, e, double toothpicks. Yikes.

GAH!!! and Joan without her earplugs? GAH!!! oxo

(I am now caught up. Beautiful veil, what book, floor pics or it didn't happen, nice dish.)

Dang, I thought asshats forgot the trains existed now that their singular purpose is to ruin plane trips!

Poor Jane, poor, poor Jane. That's why I carry my gun with me at all times. :~))

Poor Joan. She stumbled onto one of those Super Secret Rolling Rat Bastard Farms...

Isn't she supposed to throw them from the train?

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