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Monday, May 10, 2010


it's raining here too. oh wait no. it stopped. i wish nature would make up its mind. alas.

fabulous package though. that filter just might make me a tea drinker. )

Too bad you got bored with the whole thing. Your list is interesting.

Mmmmmm, tea....

Hehe. I was born 10 years later than you, and -I- have told middle aged women "I'm too old to deal with this drama crap". I am trying to teach this mantra to my high-school-aged cousin.

Rants are timeless, and unfortunately people (as a whole) don't change. You'll have the opportunity again.

What a lovely package to get! What are the 2 stones with the hook?

We've got rain too. It can stop any time now. Over a week of wetness is plenty.

Fantastic package! The tea sounds especially nice - enjoy it!!


Just when your rants were getting good. The package is awesome. The lavender and rose petals my make anything taste good.

Oh thank you, you've just reminded me I need to reorder my Genmaicha! I cannot live without it.

A solution for your lavender tea dilema- order yourself some culinary lavender and mix it in by hand (well okay, maybe that's not any easier than just ordering the friggin' tea to begin with). How about growing some lavender? I have several but admittedly they hated me when I lived in Louisiana, apparently MA is much more acceptable. Yeah, okay, that's much more fiddly than just ordering the tea. Nevah mind me. :)

Hmm, I may need that brew control filter because I usually drink green teas that need to steep a certain amount of time- less is watery but too long is bitter. Fussy indeed.

I've just about dropped out of swaps entirely 'cause they haven't been much fun. I'm thinking small wee ones would be lovely. Sounds like you guys had a great one.

I'm sorry your weekend went too fast. I'm sorry you aren't feeling blog love, although I do understand. I love your pressies and I have a tea basket, too. It is every bit as wonderful as you think it is. Jump in puddles and have fun.

Stopping by to say hello but I am super cranky with my LYS who wants people to shop local but fucking treats us like shit and caters to people "out of the area". So pissed off that I have a draft post about it and waiting till I've cooled off to hit the "post" button.

Oooh, that's a lovely package of fabulous goodies, that orifice hook is GORgeous!
Evidently I need one of those filters.
Yes, to all your rants!

I feel gypped on the rants, I have to tell you.

I'm sooo glad you like the tea and the filter. I figured you probably had enough mugs already, but I was sorely tempted by a pink mug with a skull and crossbones at one point in my planning phase. Let me know when you need more tea! Maybe I'll pick up one one of those filters for myself the next time I'm up there.

Chocolate sheep! Lucky you.

I have that same Soak, and even blocked a shawl this weekend. Now trying to get a decent picture, but not getting very far with that idea...

take care!

We may be living in a parallel universe. Yesterday I made some "Happy Birthday" tea (Darjeeling with rose petals - a gift from Margene), in the cute coffee mug she gave me to go with it. I used my Finum filter basket (my favorite tea filter), and had both some lavender-flavored chocolate and a chocolate kitty.

Earl Grey! My fav! And lavender would be a perfect touch. (* I'm staying tuned for when you decide to visit those unvisited rants!)

Ooohhh ... goodies! I've had one of those brewing baskets for a while and *love* it - nice tea, etc :o)

Oh, bloody HELL. I must have that tea. MUST. And that basket. MUST. Damn you.

Love, love Earl Grey! And I bought some culinary organic lavender a few weeks ago at CT Sheep and Wool. Time to mix and bag some up! I have that cool filter too..... Annie is a great swapper!

I love a good Rooibos with lavender as provided by Zhena's Gypsy Tea. It's amazing.

Lovely package, you got a really nice swap package!

I can see how those prizes would take away from the desire to rant.


I kinda love the rants you didn't have. :-)

Who could rant when they have chocolate sheep?

Lovely lovely goodies!

I have one of those filter thingies. I heart it.

I'm guilty of #1 and #4 (and probably more). I need to suck it up and move on.

When did no start meaning no? I mean really. :D You mean "take that bitches" wasn't good? muwahhahahahaha

Hmmm. I pick rant 4. Although 3 sounds like a goody.
Nice package ;)

What a great package! I haven't ever seen one of those tea baskets before...it looks great. I love the rant list, with particular love for #1 and #4. You can just keep them on tap for when you need a good rant.

"other forms of suburban torture":

leafblowers. DAMMIT I hate those things.

That is a beauty of a swap package from our Anne. I'm going to do some linky-clicky stuff asap, I think you and Anne may have again enhanced my life-style. :D

Noisy cars? Argh.

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