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Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Hey, I'm first! LOVE that photo - it's magical!

Sorry you got wet, though...


funny about the phone ringing... my ring tone makes me laugh! it is SO true

Ring tones need to be distinctive to catch our attention, I think. One of the things I like about the iphone is that you can make any song purchased from itune a ring tone. When Dale calls me my phone plays I Got You Babe.

When I looked at the picture I thought, Oh I bet it rained there. Sorry that I was right!

Btw, we hate people.

so much.

so fucking much.


I hope you didn't get too wet.

I was wondering how you were able to text. *L*


I just so love the cranky.

Knitting? What's that?

Too much work this week...

I love the thought of dolphin chatter for the text ringtone! I usually have my phone on silent so I miss all calls and texts - when its on I never realize it's mine and wish someone would answer it.


I love the dolphin chatter. I'd copy you, if I could figure out how to use anything but the factory settings on my phone.

Love the ringtone! I used to have a phone with The Cure's Just Like Heaven for a ringtone and it used to confuse me because I'd hear it and think: " I LOVE that song! I remember hearing that song when...." and by the time I remembered it was MY PHONE the call had long since gone to voicemail. Now I have a boring came-with-the-no-frills phone ringtone and I can't really text because it takes me 10 minutes to type in 2 lines then I realize I spelled something wrong and it doesn't make sense and I should have just called them to begin with. Sigh. I'm old and cranky!

But I'm getting some new Opal earrings, which will make some day in the near future considerably brighter!

Oh, Sweetie, screw the rest of the world. I'm always horrified by people who just stare at me. Like I care about them and what they think? Am I ranting? It feels like it, but I know you understand. And, that Mother Nature. I'll help you escort her. At least you got to chat with our Joan. That brightens up any old day;-D

Awesome ring tone! The sky does look cool, even if it did rain on you.

I have a new game addiction, Angry Birds for the iPhone. I can't stop playing! :)

I love that sky picture - it looks like I should be looking at it in a museum, with cherubim floating about the clouds.

"Exterminate! Annihilate! Destroy!" The perfect ringtone for any day one hasn't consumed 12 cups of coffee. Love the picture!

I don't recognize my new ringtone, but I don't really feel like changing it, kind of like answering the front door when you're not expecting anyone therefore it must be sales.

For an old person, I'm an expert texter! :-) Sorry about the rain.

What is it with the smart rain here in SoCal? I swear, it only rains during the exact 3 minutes I need to be outside, and then it stops and the sun shines and the sky is clear and blue, looking all innocent. It outsmarts me every time.

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