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Tuesday, April 27, 2010


A friend for The minions?

Must be something in the water, because:

We got a gift certificate to a pricey restaurant yesterday with no "From" name on it. The restaurant says they don't remember the name but the buyer said they'd be in touch with us.

Um, hello?

Nom Nom Nom.

That's the sound of me eating your brains.


Mysteries. Gotta love em'. Gotta Hate em'.

So is Mark Harmon new eye candy tonight? ;)


Okay. She was SUPPOSED to send you a note saying it was from me. I saw how much fun you were having with minions,I thought you might like a monster. When the Zombie BBQ colorway came available,I knew it was for you. Mystery solved. Sorry for the peeve!

A new friend for your minions! Personally, though, I think your minions are cuter....

A little weirdness makes life interesting??

OK, is LaVerna serious or are five more people going to say it was them??


The monster will be a delightful addition to your Family of Fun Knits.


Looks like the mystery was solved unless LaVerna is pulling your leg. I concur with the others- minions, zombies etc.. are all fun and it will be a playmate for the others. Unless of course you have given them all away in which case you'll have a lone Zombie eating your brainz!

It was not me. Promise.

That's a fake name???

I'll need to add " " around you on the family tree.


not it.
I like the idea, but not me--glad you have more fans!!!

How fun that you get mystery packages in the mail - I got junk mail and bills. :-)

I'm glad the mystery has been solved for you! I'm sure it will be super cute once you're done with it!


I understand the peeve, but you can't be *too* grumpy when you get sent cute stuff in the mail, can you? ;-)

Seriously it was me!

Well, you INGRATE! it'warn't me. But I'm glad somebody fessed up to it. Cute, innit?! :D

No, dude it was me. But it was supposed to be delivered to your warden's office at the prison. Damn.

Mystery packages are exciting... at least it wasn't anything bad (i.e. it wasn't ticking...)

Well you know someone loves you!
(besides me... u know what I mean)

Fun! That little thing is adorabe. And surprise packages are always the best!

It wasn't me, of course. I'm just not thoughtful that way. ;-)

Perplexing, but La Verne fessed up and she even asked the vendor to add a note. How sad that customer service isn't what it used to be. Still, it's a really cool mystery.

I thought it was the designer who wanted to see you work on of her creations, but I see there is a confession. Maybe it will be something fun to knit and you can stick it full of pins.

(Note to self: Don't send Cookie any surprise packages...)
It looks like it will be fun to knit. 8)

Mysteries can be good...when it's something fun in the package....glad this one was something fun.

At first I thought it was edible, but now I see I should read more.

I'm glad that this isn't the weirdest thing that happened to you today, I live vicariously through you.

Are you in the witness protection program?

Zombie BBQ?! Wasn't me.


Some days need that 22" Zombie BBQ


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