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Thursday, April 29, 2010


Gee Cookie. You are absolutely right. I'd be ticked too.

I find that behavior deplorable. However, I do love your socks. Sometimes the stupid things just won't sit still!

Spell check sucks. Love the socks though!

Anonymous givers are the bestest kind. Or at least the kind of people that keep their mouths shut about it.

And don't you find that the "Hey loo at me...I am such a wonderful person for the thing I did" people usually are the ones who rarely do anything nice, and only when there is something to gain? Drives...Me...Crazy!

Yep, I think the more someone talks about a thing, the less likely it is that they are actually putting their money where their mouth is. So to speak.

I only learned recently that his name is pronounce "Kayff." I'm at least as dumb as the spellchecker.


Yes, I also saw that post/forum also.... wrong wrong wrong. I guess I just didnt have a place to vent about it. You are a great ranter :)


The socks rock. JUST ROCK! Wonderful. You'll have happy feet!

Self back-patters are annoying as is anyone who brags about themselves. You really should do a rant week. I wonder if you can keep it up for 5-8 days. ;-)

Those socks are so beautiful! Doesn't everyone know that you wish a bride best wishes?

doooode. Huggles? /runs

People who think that they know "true friendship" seldom do and people who know you, really do.
Love those socks.

Love the socks...I need to learn toe up socks.

Great socks. The striping action works really well! As for Some People. . . you're right, you know.

People and their little minds suck donkey butt.
*LOVE* the socks. oo to the ah.

It's so frustrating to be around people who must toot their own horn. But it IS nice to see cool socks. xx

Love the socks. Love the rant. Love you.

One of the branches of yoga is Karma yoga or selfless service. The idea is that you do "good things" for the world, but you remain detached from the results of your good deeds, otherwise they are no longer selfless. Sounds like whomever this is could use a few lessons in the true meaning of selfless service.

Love the socks!

Love the socks. Yes, WOO!
Agree with you the on rest. :)
Have a great weekend.


Love the socks. Totally understandable rant. Sigh.

Yes, WOOOOO! for those gorgeous socks.
As for the rant, that poster doesn't even rate mental midget. sadly there are many people with the same sort of mentality. meh and bah. xox

Good thing we hates her and loves you. And your blurry socks.

Yeesh. I agree, that's in poor taste. Isn't it OK to just do thoughtful things for people without expecting boatloads of gratitude?

I so have that colorway in progress for a pair of socks. I'm having a bit of trouble finishing them cause the feet they are for don't live in my house. Oh well. I just need to make the cast on looser and get over the fact that my pair will be fraternal not identical.

The poster needs to be so (something truly awful but I have no brain so insert idea of choice) now.

Hooray for socks and boo for sucky people. Also, by the way, boo for sucky things happening to good people and necessitating the need for lots of "we're thinking about you" knitting. Spell check doesn't like sucky, either.

Is it a good deed if you haven't sung your own praises?

Cute socks.

Cute socks!

I think my head will kerplode if I go find that forum posting.


I won't be offended if anyone congratulates me on my wedding, it took some long hard work to get here. ;op~

(and now I'm dying to know who posted...I'm so lost in all the Rav drama, I can never FIND it!)

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