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Friday, April 30, 2010


Love the bee pic! I can see it in my mind's eye...

You gotta watch out for the little grannies. They are such a robbery threat! Give someone a gun and they get so full of their power and authority. Our highway patrols are like that. Especially the young ones. uff.

Remember to tell us about the Chevron scam!

unsnaps his holster? that is clearly a euphemism.

Did you see what sex your little bee was, or was it wearing panties? As for the armored car guy? What bothers me is the idiot was wearing a gun in the first place. Be very very careful Sweetie!

That sounds so odd it verges on surreal.

It was the faux-Chinese food. It emits powerful calming hormones.

Also, I want to hear about the Chevron scam.

My phone makes me click "save" after I take a photo, otherwise it evaporates or something. I lost a few before I figured this out.

Um, boy, that kid had no idea what he just left to walk around on the streets. *shakes head*

He thought you both were going to hold him up on the way to his armored car? OMG Cookie- where in tarnation do you find these people and wacky scenarios??

Sorry about the failed bee shot. I love them and have a good mental image of what you saw. My phone takes random photos while in my pocket-lol.

The way I feel, he'd be in a lot more danger from me than some poor sweet thug.

I wanna see a bumblebee belly.

And hey!! I just now noticed you got a taco on April 16th. Evidently the innernets did not exist for me then.

Hmm. I'm devolving. Soon I'll start typing text instead the vernacular.

The bee photo is fab! ;^)

BTW, I was once in the Costco in SF when there was an attempted armed robbery of the armored car; the armored car guy and the Costco security guy both got shot (fortunately, both minor as far as gunshots go). We were in the back of the store near the emergency exit. We couldn't hear the gunshots, but almost got stampeded with the people running for the exit; it was like a scene from a bad Godzilla movie. We ran out with them, heard the tale, and then were stuck roaming downtown SF for TWO HOURS before we could retrieve our car (SF Costco parking is all underneath the store itself) since they locked down the entire city block, complete with police helicopters. I give ALL armored cars quite a wide berth ever since 7/3/98. You never know what experiences he's had in that job, that's for sure. :-/

I think that you and I should have our own photographers following us around.


Yes, listen to Our Joan. It will help us with the stalking. Wait--forget the last bit, but remember the first ;)


I'm glad you made it home to tell the tale...


Well maybe the little old lady just forgot her eco-friendly bags?

Every time I go to IKEA I go with the intention of buying one thing. Just one thing, I swear!

I walk out with my arms overflowing with uber-cheap crap I didn't know I needed. I feel like someone is going to accuse me of shoplifting on my way to my car. I try to keep the receipt visible, but it's difficult with piles of plastic and flat-pack boxes in your arms!

And now I totally need to hear the Chevron story! Don't leave us hanging!


Remember to tell us about the scam the local Chevron station is running and why we don't go there anymore. It's a good week to hate all oil companies.

sometimes it amazes me how puffed-up some people can get when they have a fake badge sewn onto their shirt. (not *all* of them, but there are some. My ex is among them. Remind me to tell you of the time he got all upset because he couldn't hold his security guard job because I filed a restraining order against him after he threatened to SHOOT. ME.) ;o)

two words.
chevron. scam.

sweet bee belly :^)

sigh. that dumbshit.

Love the bee picture! (I have a good imagination...)
Poke, poke. Wanna hear about the Chevron scam. Please.

It's that plastic bag holding the fake Chinese. That's what he was after....

I give armoured cars a wide berth too, since the time that I was waiting for one to be finish filling an ATM and the armoured guard (carrying a machine gun) asked me to go and wait in my car for my own safety...

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