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Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Well, at least you had some entertaining people watching to make up for the aborted sock - Right??


You fake it well. Blogging, I mean.

Stupid people. I'm grateful you are a blogger. Don't you just hate that with a new project? Stuck with no supplies and sucky yarn. Well, tomorrow is Wednesday, dumplin'. Half way thru!!!!! Hugs

who can knit with all those distractions anyway?!

Did you get video of the person falling out of the chair? That's always comedy gold. :)

I'm totally with on the Hangover :: Chocolate thing. Maybe add cheese fries to that. :)

Glowing flowers? What you watering them with?? ;) They are pretty and so enthusiastically blooming!

I just have one thing to say about nekkid thigh in an office. Ewww!

Stay inside. Just stay inside. It's safer that way. When I get around to it, I'll share tales of Texarkana and Hope and Murfreesboro. O.o Ohhhhh those people.

And hey... I'll have the man call you when I'm out of surgery. You can talk to the voice. :D

That picture looks pretty good to me. And what kind of waiting room was that? Holy crap.

Sounds like a very interesting waiting room!

Hey it's finally spring here! We have crocus. One. :) Love your glowing bush. ;)
Waiting rooms without knitting suck. Big hugs for a better week.

stacey has some good advice. really good advice.

Do you get medical referrals from porn stars? I've never seen much nudity at my dr's office - other than me of course.

Take care!

I hope your week improves!


glowing flowers/blooms/blossoms, they're beautiful!
wtf? people falling out of their desk chairs? (I'm thinking they must work there) and why? why were they falling out of their chair? kids on scooters? a vending machine?
sorry about that 45 minutes.

We have those flowers here too, and they're a riot right now, and yes, impossible to photograph. I love them in an unseemly way, though.
Someone's cell phone just "rang" with a voice that said "Incoming message from the BIG GIANT HEAD!" I'll take your too-much-thigh, please.

Hang in. I hope your week gets better.

Was THAT where the lipstick story happened?

I hope that your week is better already - and someone fell out their chair?

They look pretty from here! I hope the week evens out for you our Cookie.

Weigelia? But the dictionary says it has white, pink, or red flowers, so that can't be it. (I am, however, completely shocked that when I went to look it up I spelled it right on the first try.) Who cares? They are beautiful. So are you.

I hate it when I fall out of my desk chair when there are witnesses.

Glowing flowers sound beauteous though!

Bees are just selfish. It's because Aliens have been abducting them as the only intelligent life on Earth and it's gone to their hives. Er, head.

...pretending over here too. ;op

Hope this week is better!

I think you are being hard on yourself with that photo. Looks good to me.

That's the thing with waiting rooms - people. There should be a nicely dressed receptionist and that is it.

I never take my knitting with me when I take the kids to hospitals/doctors waiting rooms because I never know when that snot covered child (there is always one - not mine btw) is going to sneeze it all over.

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