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Friday, March 26, 2010


That will make a gorgeous shawl/stole/scarf. I love it, girl. Still, I would never have expected it to come out that purple. Is that what you thought it would look like? Maybe I suffer from an imagination issue, huh?

Very pretty!

Amazing yardage from 4 oz of fiber. Another bump like that and you've got a sweater!

That is so beautiful! Maybe it just came out how it needed to come out?


Poking a badger with a spoon is dangerous business! o.0

Love the purpliness of the yarn. Beautiful makings of a shawl or hold double for socks??

Wow, I'm surprised it came out so purple, but it's beautiful. What a fabulous shawl it will make! It knew what it wanted to be.

You sure get a lot of yardage from 4 oz of fiber!

I think it's beautiful, although I don't get the badger reference...

Michael said you are not a person, you are a machine. :D It's still beautiful and the color looks purpley

700+ yards of laceweight would make some California-weight knee-highs, wouldn't it?

Beautiful. I am in awe of your spinning. I want to learn how to do it better. I realize I must practice....

It is perfect Punk Princess!

I know I wouldn't be poking a badger with a spoon and I don't think you should but that yarn you made sure is pretty!
Have a lovely weekend you Punk Princess.

I think your Punk Princess secretly wanted to grow up into a lovely purple hazey color of knitterly yarn.

And so she did........ love that shade.

Amazing. I think it's less variegated than you realize. I bet it knits up in to something lovely.

All my favorite colors!

Absolutely gorgeous! perhaps it wants to be a lacy something, not socks... fibre can be pesky like that, assert its own will :^)

Beautiful - that's a lot of yardage!

I hope you're not making it a habit to poke badgers with spoons. They can be vindictive.

That's gorgeous!!! Why would you want to stick it into shoes? It must be displayed.

Still, sending spinning sock yarn karma vibes for the current batch up.

I love the color and I think it came out just beautiful!


I agree. It is beautiful, if a little too fine. Can't you use 000s and knit socks? I have never tried to use really fine fingering for socks, so I can't even guess. The color is great.

You could still knit socks with lace weight, if you really liked the yarn.

"Perhaps if you used a large wooden badger..."

I think it looks awesome and I'm sorry it's more laceweight than sock but maybe you could just use very small needles?

OR knit it with black laceweight and get a cool heathered-ish look.

Lovely! Spinning thicker yarns takes some practice. You could always go for thinner singles and even more plies ... ;-)

Wow, the purple really dominates once it's spun up. It's lovely and I'm sure you can find something else to make besides socks.

Lovely yarn - really pretty! I'm sure you will find the perfect project for it.

Can I send you all my roving so you can spin it up for me? You make such pretty yarn...

The yarn is gorgeous! (you know what a sucker I am for purple...)
I have the same problem - my spinning always seems to come out laceweight. The only way I can get sock yarn is by shooting for worsted and using at least 3 plies...

Your similes need warning signs on them: I'm wiping the screen AGAIN!! The colour is lovely - I might just have to investigate this lace-knitting you go on about....

Maybe I'm missing something..... Why would you poke a badger with a spoon? Gorgeous yarn!

Pretty stuff! :D

What, you don't knit socks on piano wire needles?


Very pretty! Figures you want sock yarn, the yarn wants to be lace ;)

Gorgeous yarn! I love you soooo much for quoting Eddie Izzard! He is one of my favorites.

It may not be socks, but it sure is beautiful!

I wish I had sage spinning wisdom to offer. I do like your new yarn, and yet, I understand it is not what you are trying to create right now.


Pretty! I have similar issues and have to figure out what to do with laceweight that doesn't hang, dangle, or slide off me.

Dude, if you have issues with it, send it to ME. (hyperventilates) ...all right, not really, I already have enough laceweight to make it to Paris and back. Or possibly Beijing. But it is lovely stuff.

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