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Thursday, March 25, 2010


Is that a minion in soccer shorts??? I'm so sorry about the plying. I was kinda hoping it would heal. And, yes, we are ever closer to the weekend, dumplin'.

Sorry you had a wrong. Hope it gets better.

Your minion in shorts made me laugh! Thanks! Does he have an umbilical cord??

I've been thinking about looking into your Plants vs Zombies but don't know if I have time for it. :o

Maybe you could do another wrong and then combine them. I've always heard that two wrongs make a right. :)

My guy fears my minions. It makes me like them even better.

Don't leave us hanging. What is the new game? It's almost time for me to move on from Plants vs Zombies. Almost, not quite. Now I'm off to water my Zen garden.

Love the minion and his outfit!

oh come on, it can't be *that* bad...

I'm hopelessly sucked in to P vs Z. I'm on the second go around and also flying through the mini-games and puzzles. It's been that kind of week. Sigh. Even sat and listened to all of the ringtones you linked too. Why can't they have that peppy lawn piano piece??

Cute minion btw!

Nice minion! I'm sorry the plying and thwacking doesn't seem to have been satisfactory. Maybe it needs thwacking harder, just for good measure?

Lovely little minion in the peachy pants. :-)

Been plying & thwacking have we? As for your 'very wrong' (as yet unspeakable) I won't tell a soul. ;-)

One thing I've learned from my numerous wrongs they do tend to make my 'rights' seem very beautiful. :-)

So cute...Minions are so tempting! It's Thursday evening and I could only be happier if it was Friday.

ZOMG! Loves the pants! Is he getting a matching hat?

Now I'm intrigued about the wrong.

?? Did your minion steal those pants? I'm glad my puter is too ancient to be able to play P vs Z!! It would be my undoing. Along with these damn sinuses.

I can't imagine that your yarn isn't gorgeous.

Everyone needs a minion in peachy shorts. Love him (her. it. What gender is a minion anyway?)

I think the pants are cute. I'm going to get you for the plants/zombies thing.

No, damnit, not a wrong. and...
no, damnit, the week is NOT over yet.

Such a tease, but we like it that way. I hope a wrong makes a right. A new PvZ? I've hardly made significant progress on my iPhone game! However, it is good to know it exists.

The dorky ones are the sweetest, IMHO. :D

Yeah, we do have one more day for the "work" week. It has been a weird one. Here's hoping for a really good Friday.

the zombies.... are coming! I think the pants make the outfit, personally!

OMG, those pants are hilarious.

Sorry about the yarn, honey. Really, though, how wrong can yarn be?


Okay, now you've got me curious. What did you do wrong?

How did I not notice before that the minions have their arms where their ears are supposed to be? If they don't have ears how can they do our bidding? And I've been assuming they're all male. Are there girl minions? Minionettes?

new game? what? you've said nothing to me about this. i'm hurt. :P

love the minion. covet the minion. adore the minion. :)

That is one well pantsed Minion!

What's the new game? Is it as good as PvZ? I'm not sure if that's possible. :)

I like the little guy. Glad he's wearing pants. :)

I am so sorry about the "fail". Maybe if you look again it will turn out that it is not as bad as you thought.

The minion is adorable. I guess clothes for them is next. Someone pointed out that his arms are where his ears belong. No wonder they are so precious!

He needs a hat. And maybe socks...

OMG, he is the CUTEST THING!!!! Hey, his shorts are on the spring Knitty! Hahaha.

I think I need to knit minions for my niece. I must thank you for bringing PvZ into my life.

Sorry the spinning did not become what you planned.


All right young lady spill it. What's the game.

Brown minion with yellow and pink shorts. Love it.

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