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Friday, March 19, 2010


Oh, that is the cutest notebook! Love the keychains too. How on earth you keep track of two I will never know. I lost my keys the other day and I was actually HOLDING them.

You have such a tidy keychain - I could club someone to death with mine.

Thanks for the bloggy link to Opal's contest - I won the lovely stitch markers and they arrived today - cannot wait to get home and put them to use!!

A Tardis and a ladybug! Excellent. Although I suppose it's the notebook that's new.....

Poppies! I saw a nice swath of purple flowers on my way down to Dublin Wednesday night. Spring, it's coming, I think!

Bright cheery poppies. Where's my Cookie? Love the keychains. So cool. Beats my slinky all to heck! Hugs, Sweetie. It's Friday!!!!!!!!!!!

Great score on the notebook! and the phone box is fabulous!
The Orange Poppies, what a treat!

Oh, I love a good Michael's deal. I really do! :-)

Lovely poppies! So cheerful - happy Friday!!


Too bad I didn't see this BEFORE I went to Michael's two days ago.

I spend more time looking at the sale bins at Michael's than I do looking at anything else. Great stuff that just has to come home with me.

Do you needlepoint Cookie? Ive got a poppy to give you if you do. You'll need to stitch the poppy, but the background is done.

Wait...I thought you had a thing for PINK, not red... Hmmmm....Speaking of pink, have you seen the new Ravelry login page? It's worth checking out!

I love the Tardis keychain BTW.

And I had a dream the other night that I drove up to your house to surprise/meet you. But I'm smart enough not to surprise you when I'm awake! o.O

Cute notebook and key chains! I'm jealous of those poppies.

Those poppies are so gorgeous. It will be a while yet before we see flowers, but I can live vicariously through your photo!

i love the notebook. what a great price. i think i actually collect notebooks. you wouldn't believe how many i own. i never intended on the collection though. it just kind of happened!

Nice photo of stuff that makes you smile. Tres cute notebook. California poppies! I'm going to miss them this year so thanks for the pic. June will be my trip to LA for HS graduation of nephew #2. I think the hot season has started by then.

Happy Friday, Cookie!

Ok so that totally reminded me of the Wicked Witch of the West saying Poppiesssssssssssss over and over.

You have more than one good idea/year. Please don't try pulling my leg :|

I love poppies. So very pretty!
I don't even have a keychain at the moment. How very odd...

Poppies a sure sign of Spring! Spring flowers make me so happy. Thanks for sharing.


I love poppies! I have many fond memories of my childhood that included poppies- making poppy dolls is one of them.

Hi Manise,
Adorable notebook. (I love ladybugs & it compliments the poppies so nicely.) Enjoyed your photo below also! Thanks for supporting me in the "Typepad following" comment thread. Hopefully, Typepad won't ever again thrust spam they feel is "news" upon us without asking us first. Your were the commenter who supported my irritation when I commented back to a Typepad team member's rhetoric. (I had forgotten to reply to her directly in the thread; I was so irritated at the "non answer.)

Well, out of all this, it's very nice to have found another artsy person! I'm an artist who blogs!

Oops! Cookie, I'm sorry I called you "Manise" from reading the comment above me. Duh!!! It was you from the Typepad thread, though.
Have a great weekend.

Thank you! Love both key chains.

That is a very cute notebook. Wish Michael's wasn't an hours drive. Oh well. Just have to admire your notebook.

PS Are you a Doctor Who fan?

Great notebook. I'm gald I haven't been to Michael's lately, or things like that would be following me home too ;) We finally have some crocuses and daffodils here (finally because of the the way this winter has seemed so long...they actually are right on time by the calendar!)

The Michael's has so much of that kind of stuff!! I slowly gather collections of them and then divide them up into Christmas gifts every year. Sure wish you remembered where the lady bug came from--SIL would go nuts. I may have to try a search. Our mustard is blooming. The hills look like they are covered in gold.

Cute notebook! I'll have to try to remember the poppy thing while fabric shopping... ;o)

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