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Sunday, March 21, 2010


Is it pink?

It will be gorgeous. I know it!!!! BTW, have you ever seen the word "whip" in one of those????

How come spinning is so fun and plying is so tedious? I've got a bunch of bobbins I need to ply and I've been procrastinating for weeks!

You are knitting too!

I actually prefer plying to spinning, I wish I lived closer so I could help.


I was gonna ask the same question Carole asked. It's odd how plying can seem tedious.

Plying may be the knitting equivalent of seaming, it seems. :D I hope there is some good tv to help pass the plies.

Sorry, been on my own today and I can't take myself anywhere. :D

I love plying!

I'm with Joan and Manise, I prefer the plying. (I think it's cuz I can stop and admire the actual yarn I'm making, and also cuz I know the thwacking comes next. Simple pleasures, I loves them.)

You'll have to train yourself to spin thicker. It's hard to go thick again. :D

Can't wait to see it!!


Keep your head up - soon it will be done and you'll be in love!

That's silly. Frogs don't have hair.


Oooh, plying! You almost have new yarn!


Well, it's the second downside to spinning frog hair, the first one being that it takes a long time to spin, too. But I will bet my Wollmeise that yours will be worth the wait.

At least plying goes faster than spinning. And you don't have to keep your brain so engaged - good for watching movies with subtitles.

Wow, long time to ply that stuff! Bet it is going to be amazing!

...and now you know why I didn't ply the laceweight I sent you. ;o) hehe

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