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Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Iz it eating ur brainzzzz? It is a pretty color. Perhaps the pattern in heavier yarn with fewer stitches cast on so it'll work out to the same width, but not take as long?

Can't wait to see what you do with the JessaLu stuff.

Ooh, that green is awesome. I like the pattern, but can see where it might be a little monotonous to knit after a while.

Good to see you knitting, though!


you are one lucky girl to get that beautiful yarn from Jessalu, I saw it earlier today.

A real treat!

I like the green too. I am sure you will find what it wants to be in its alloted time slot :)

OMG love the color. I'm working with the same yarn in the color Cognac right now. It is truly devine.

It's good to face up to the fact that you're not feeling the love, instead of trudging onward.

Funny - I just ordered some green (Lettuce) Malabrigo Laceweight.

Oh, gosh...you make me laugh. What is there with an ATM that can't be figured out unless you have too many 0000's at the end of the first number (beside 0) in the balance of your checking account.

We got a funky new ATM last year at our bank. It took a little getting used to, but now I love it. You don't need to use envelopes. Isn't that great?! :)

The green is lovely, I know you'll find a better use for the yarn.

Jessalu spins a pretty yarn.
For some reason I was thinking I was on Bams' blog and couldn't figure out why the hell she was writing like Cookie all of a sudden.
What day is this?

Love Jessalu's yarn. It's got that Cookie look about it. ;) Whatcha gonna make??

I've never used an ATM so I couldn't help you on that one. It's just too easy to stop at the bank to get cash. And I get to visit with the gals that work there....small town benefit!

Knit what you love. :D Pretty color, certainly. Handspun friend yarn has to be the very tops.

Good luck with the ATM. I haven't had to deal with a new-fangled one yet.

I'm just glad you didn't open it up and decide it was crap. ;op

I can't wait to see what you turn it into! I hope you enjoy knitting with it as much as I enjoyed spinning it (except for that last half ounce...that was a beeyotch! lol) xoxo

Too much writing and directions on the new ATM's. Plus, they are designed for 18 year olds. Dammit. I love the yarn from Jessalu. I am waiting to hear what it wants to be and I love the green. If I had that much I would be thrilled, but I completely understand your need to rip. That actually hurt to type. Does that mean anything?

be careful ripping the malabrigo. our jen had a hard time when she ripped hers. :-/

could there be more beautiful handspun laceweight in existence? i think not! lucky girl!

Ripping now vs hating later? Rip away!

I think your prize yarn is definitely a prize.

Life is too short to knit stuff that sucks the energy right out of you! Good call. Great yarn(s) -- both the green and Jessalu's.

Ripping is good for the soul. Have you seen Citron. It would be very pretty and limey in that color.

Boo. Your knitting looks so pretty, but I agree: it's better to rip something out right away than to struggle with it and hate the final project anyway. I'm sure you'll find something else much more worthy of that yummy yarn. :)

You know, I once tried to use an ATM at a bank in California and it didn't work for me either, don't feel bad.

Yeah, life's too short for unfulfilling knitting.

OMG that yarn is gorgeous. Wow.
I went over to Jessalu and wished her happy anniversary and pumped up you chances to win, so hopefully you will again. :)

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