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Thursday, February 25, 2010


Hey! Don't be greedy! You can't have both Choreboy and your new Sonata. :-P

Spring here, too. Trees are blooming. Sky is blue. Off to work...

Bet you could convince him to do more than floors and furniture...hmmm, windows maybe :>)

But you don't want a boy; you want A Man to do your, ahem, chores.

Girl, you don't want to be flauntin' pics of spring and flowers and all that pretty right now, while all of us here on the right coast are being pummeled by yet.another.blizzard.
Just sayin'.

Forget floors and furniture - I want my oiled man with a fan to follow me around this summer. If you see an ad for one of those let me know!

But! They know leather care. O.o

Just sayin'

But will they wear whatever you want while they do your floors and furniture? i think that could still be worth a second look maybe.

I'm sure you could ask for something that's not on the menu. ;-)

Maybe MyCabanaBoy.com?

I'd be happy with spring.

I'm with Big Alice - though I refer to my ideal as 'On-Call Cabana Boy'. On call is key, as you can wave them away if you grow tired of them.

I think you need to make a road trip to the frozen Middle Earth or East Coast. We have snow and ice and 7 degree temps this morning. Then we (meaning you) won't be having the cranky about Spring.

And Boys are fine for the light cleaning but when you've got some heavy duty Chores, you need a Man.

I thought "chore boys" were those things you used to scrub dishes. Shows what I know!

Pretty flowers, even if you don't want to talk about them.


With all the rain we've got here, I expect to see flowers like that next week. Sigh.

Lovely spring! Even me, the snow lover, can appreciate the cheerfulness of those colors!

Those boys are so wicked, bad boys!

Don't you have enough subs?

They are called "Choreboys", not "Funboys". And, your cranky locals sound alot like our cranky locals.

Exactly the sort of wicked thoughts I would have had.

Spring? In February? Not fair. I'm in favor of the Cabana Boy idea.

I'm with Nora. I thought Choreboys were pot scrubbers. Our midwest is showing!

Love, love, love the pretty flowers. I'm dreaming of when I get to dig in the flowerbeds again. Weeks and weeks away I'm sure.

I love the flowers! Thanks, Cookie. There's a pansy or two that survived the DC snow but that is it for any flowers in my locales.

Good luck with finding a Chore Boy that is willing to branch out with his, um, "doing." :D

What was that Patrick Dempsey movie about the pizza delivery boy/gigolo? I bet some of the ChoreBoys are looking for sidework.

I saw this post earlier but couldn't comment then because I had to snowblow the driveway.


that's very beautiful!

We're building snowpeople out here ...

Yesterday we had snow, sleet, rain, high winds, and patches of blue sky. Sometimes simultaneously.

I think I'd rather have a Chore MAN, ya know?

We had a foot and a half of snow yesterday - so I'd be very happy with spring.

Where I come from there is a company called Hire a Hubby, I'm guessing some bloke comes over, sits on the couch and drinks beer....

So disappointed about the Chore Boys on your behalf.

not fair showing flowers when all we've had is snow and rain for four. days.

I know you don't want to hear it, but I would give my eyeteeth for that spring you are still having! It was gray and gloomy and snizzly (snow and drizzle = snizzle in my house)with one little peek of the sun this weekend. And the big snow has not all melted yet from almost a month ago. I am sooooo ready for spring. And so sorry to hear about the Chore Boys...

You can send some of that our way any time you like. We are not supposed to see the sun again until Friday.

How does one prop up an extremely, um, long-stemmed amaryllis?

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