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Saturday, February 20, 2010


Well, it was a good attempt anyway, even if your impromptu lecture on knitting wasn't fully appreciated. ;-)

More trees. More flowers, more green leaves. That's what I want to see. Oh, and if you happen to lecture another baby about the fiber arts you can tell me about that, too. ;^)

You know, my dear, you have to start the children young in the fiber arts. I love it when I'm knitting in public and kids stare.

I love this!

ZOMG! You spoke to a baby. Icky! Lovely tree. I have something on my blog today that you can post about sometime.

Babies don't learn not to stare until they're around 6 or 7, I've noticed.

Magic Loop is the One True Way.

Well the baby probably didn't know it was knitting, so I think explaining that part makes perfect sense. I can't imagine why someone chuckled.

I like trees! Especially when they're pollen free like they are in pictures!

What's boring about those trees?
And who knows, maybe your sock knitting will imprint on that baby and it will grow up to be a knitter.

Were you to see the dog luge we carved out of snow this afternoon you would know that nothing about those trees are boring.

I would have just stared back, you were very brave to talk to the baby.

Flowering trees? One can hope.


Sounds like the baby was maybe around 5-6 mo. Especially since it didn't talk back to you. Most babies I've talked to answer if they are old enough....even if it is just jabber. ;)

Keep the trees coming! I'm enjoying them.

You guys with your flowering trees are making my nose twitch and my eyes water :p (tho they *are* pretty :) )

Staring is their way of taking things in and learning about what's around them. Sounds like this 7-8 month old baby got a good start in knitting education.

The good thing about babies is that they can't ask stupid questions. Or make stupid comments.

Pretty tree.



Of course, the baby probably learned more than any adult in the brief interaction, and it will be stuck in the back of the baby's mind until one day, when out of the blue the grown up baby will wake up and decide to learn how to knit socks. And have NO idea where the notion came from. o.O

It takes a brave person to publicly state they don't like babies in this baby crazed culture we live in. Rock on, Cookie!

you talked to a baby?!

/stunned and amazed


Knitting a sock is stunning an amazing! (so is making your own yarn - I'm still amazed every time I do it!) Baby reacted appropriately. ;-)

Babies, knitting, spinning, trees, tress, tress, whatever :)

Yes ma'am. Trees it is.

There are definitely secrets to guessing the age of children -- mostly centered around physical things like. . . teeth, breasts, and facial hair. Dead giveaways all -- that will usually get you in the ballpark!

In the meantime, I think you've permanently impacted that baby's worldview. It takes a village. . .

You have to be careful when you get close to babies...they're contagious. ;op

You know that kid was probably thinking, "oh yay, the crazy lady is talking to me" hehe

Are you sure you are okay? :D

Good to start the babies early and educate them on what's important. It doesn't matter how old they are, they absorb it young.

Love the tree.

I'm with Anne.
And my kid would've gone "ooooooo!" impressively. She's supportive like that. She likely would be impressed with your yarn too--you may have gotten a "pre-tee".
Still, she can be an ass too, and might've tried to eat it or something. There's that.

I think if you take a baby's tooth there are rings in there. So all you needed to do was yank one out of his mouth. Simple. :)

that baby probably understood knitting as well as I would.

Now, you know, that baby doesn't stand a chance! It's future is assured!

Babies are like little sponges. Somewhere in his/her consciousness is a memory of a nice lady who showed her her knitting. And, I wouldn't advise checking on those rings if I were you. Mothers are very protective;-P

You have planted a seed ... some day that kid will be awash in handknit socks and not be able to explain why she / he had to knit them. ;-)

Pretty trees - I'd rather see that then the snow outside my window!

They do have rings but people are soooo sensitive about you cutting off one of their fingers or toes to check. Parents these days.

That was probably the best conversation the baby had all week. Hopefully you had better. :)

Tick Tock Tick Tock...

I adore flowering trees, so keep it up. We've only got a short window of opportunity there anyway.

I talk to babies at work trying to get them to shut the hell up. It sometimes works as they look stunned that someone's talking to them. Sometimes they just keep on crying.

THAT is a good story. But have you gone soft or something?! Babies?!


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