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Monday, February 22, 2010


Wild turkeys wandering through your yard? How cool was that? Your flowering tree (remember all trees on the blog are Cookie's trees)is quite lovely. And, yes. This week looks to be might weird in Middle Earth, too;-P

I think that's a flowering pear like the one I posted. It's purty. And I LOVES wild turkeys. In nature, not in the bottle.
When is it NOT one of those weeks?

Is that an apple/crabapple/plum/pear/some other kind of fruit tree? It looks like one to me, but what do I know of California trees?

It's such a trial, trying to keep enough banana muffins on hand for visiting turkeys. I've given up and switched to corn....

Beautiful tree. Tell those turkeys I said "hey".

Oh it does sound like a wild week. :D I think you should just stay inside and knit wedding shawls and shit.

Turkeys! How fun!

I just had the surreal experience of seeing a peregrine falcon fly past the car two blocks from my house. I'm still trying to figure out what it was hunting at Bob's Video and Adult Book store. Oh, wait... they closed Bob's down. It's some pawn shop now. Maybe the falcon was on it's way across the street to Sears.

Flowering trees? Sigh

I would gladly give you some of our snow and ice for some flowering trees. I'm more than ready for spring and that's the first time I've ever said that in my 40 years.

Wild turkeys kind of freak me out - it always surprises me how BIG they are! (At least the ones I saw when I lived in Roanoke, VA.)

I know, those turkeys never do call ahead to let you know that they are coming, so you really can't be expected to have enough muffins for all of them. I miss ours. We won't see them again until springtime. I don't know where they go during the dead of winter, but I'm kind of glad it's not my yard because they can be intimidating and I have not yet figured out a way to tell them that I eat real beef and not ground turkey.

You've got flowers, and we have wet and heavy snow. First of the season. I've already been outside to shovel twice, and anticipate two more outings this evening. Please give me the damned flowering tree.

Flowers and turkeys ... true signs of spring!

A turkey visiting, tree flowering kind of week? I don't know if I can handle the excitement.

Wow a wild turkey! We don't see those around here much. I live in the city, but if I drive and 5 miles to my BIL's house, I'm sure he has some in his back woods along with the zillion deer!

Still no socks??? geez....

Woah...do turkeys really jump onto roofs? That's crazy talk!

You inspired me to go to the park today with the camera. Must blog a pic...

Turkeys are delicious on wheat with avocado. Did you catch one?

Turkeys, they never call ahead. Wow, real wild turkeys in CA? How many were there? :D

Love the flowering tree!

Laughing at Angie - CA is the only place I've seen an entire flock of wild turkeys! We just get onesies and twosies around here, probably because of all those people with guns...

The tree is gorgeous.


Another pretty tree. Is the grass green too? We can't even see our grass yet.

From what I know of wild turkeys, they multiply like rabbits and become unwelcome like skunks. Don't feed them too many banana muffins! ;)

We have lots of wild turkeys in the neighborhood. They're really goofy looking. . . don't you think?

Thanks for the hint of spring! I'd forgotten what it looked like. Mine will arrive in about three more months, if I'm lucky. (sigh)

Big bragger. We won't have flowering trees here for another three months. But of course you knew that.

I just made the turkey noise out loud.

Flowering trees. *sigh*
Our trees are still bare nekkid.

mmm...banana muffins. Now I'm hungry. Crap.

i was a bit skeptical when you said spring had arrived. now i'm a true believer!

I feel weird looking at Spring with dread over allergies, insects, and heat. Maybe the Avon Lady of Long Ago was right and I am a Winter.

Much preferable to people who have marinated in Wild Turkey running through the yard.


I miss seeing green stuff. We got another 6 inches of snow over the last few days. Thanks for helping me see that spring may come at some point. :)

Wild Turkeys? You're not talking about the booze, right? :)


an award for you, hope that u enjoy it.

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