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Thursday, February 18, 2010


Oooh that's a pretty picture. :-)

Glad that TypePad is responding to your training and letting you post pics.

You and Carrie with the spring. Sigh. Sure looks pretty, though.


The tree is lovely. JessaLu is offering some great prizes!

I do love your tree and, yes, congrats To JessaLu!!!!

Plz send tree along with crickets....

Lovely looking tree. I find it hard to believe it's spring anywhere, though, when we still have piles and piles of snow everywhere and it's below zero every night this week! The unfairness of it! ;)

awww, thanks! :o))

Pretty tree! It's been warm enough to make whatever that bush is start sending out the lovely spicy breezes. If I could figure out what it is I'd plant a million of them in my yard...

Yay! Spring!!! It's really coming!

Definitely a sign of spring when the cherry blossoms start flowering. We have to walk past quite a few on the way to school and for just a couple of weeks a year when they lose their flowers it snows pink snow.

There's still snow on the ground. Stop teasing me!

Springggggggggggggg I wants it! So fickle of me. I wanted winter and now I want it to go away.

Glad you and typepad are making nice.

I'm so ready for some blooming! :-)

You are torturing me with these photos of this spring thing you keep flaunting!

I freaked out when I saw the cherry trees in full bloom in San Francisco. When I was reminded that this was the usual timing for cherry tree blossoms in SF, I remembered freaking out EVERY YEAR that they bloomed in February.

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