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Wednesday, January 20, 2010


What a great little package of goodies! There is no logic to the organization at Home Depot. It must be decided by men.

Lovely yarn and I love the little goodies! Yay, Nora! I'm glad you're well-stocked in your part of the world. I hope the rain will result in goodness later on this year for you.

ZOMG!!!! LOVE the green. Hmmmm. Must go look.

Rain means green and no fire season?

love the little birth certificate too.

Perfect green! Makes me smile. Sorry about the weather.

Laceweight! You needed some.

When people start taking stock of their supplies just in case they need to survive a few days, it's teh scary. Hope it clears soon!

Nice giftie!

You could save a small thing of the denatured alcohol and give the rest away on Freecycle? And I only know that caulk is in the pain dept. because we had to caulk our bathroom shower tiles before taking a shower in our house when we first bought it. 50 year old tile job, dontcha know.

Aw, thanks for the very complimentary post, Cookie!

I would have looked in the plumbing department for caulk, too. Or tiles...is there a tile department? Can't they just have it all over the store so no matter where you go, there it is?

3 skeins of that gorgeous Malabrigo lace means tons of options! I love the color too.

Beautiful yarn. So springy. Crappy weather, but this should do in the stupid drought. You do not need storms, just rain. I'll mention it here on my end. What you have is coming our way, I hear. I'm so impressed that you even go to Home Depot. If I am forced to go, I stop at the entrance and grab the first person that comes up. They don't even have to work there. Desperate times call for desperate measures, ya know?

Love that shade of green. It'll make something very pretty.

Your rain is going to be our freezing rain/snow combo. Please keep as much of it there as you can. Pretty please?? Or maybe a good storm is just what's needed around here. Maybe that's how I'd get some FOs. ;)

Woo! I want some big scary storm clouds and rain. Except not while I'm trying to sleep, cuz apparently "wind and rain" equals "time to get up" in my head.

Stay dry! And no losing cable - how will you post and email?!

That's my favorite Malabrigo color. I have a hat in it from the worsted weight. hehe

Stay dry Cookie, I'm not nearly as high up as you but the hubster and I installed yards of drainage on our property right after we moved in so we don't expect to float away and thank goodness the dogs are willing to go outside in this mess (granted I have to be right there with them).

Love the yarn and so glad that you are safe!

I would have gone to plumbing for caulk also but then perhaps windows...who knows but Norman the greeter.

Lovely gift!

Recently I had two encounters with yarns of the same color and I couldn't resist both. One is a sock yarn from some local dyer which is on the needles right now and the other a most amazing skein of Hand Maiden Casbah.

I thought I am weird when I bought it the second time (the first time too, a little,,, hehehe)but if you bought it too I guess it is not weird at all!

I am happy you are safe and well stocked, please keep that way!

That would be spring green, right? Good to get a head start on that season. It will look nice next to pink, too ;)

Yay, gifties! They are so very lovely.

I'm glad you are doing OK in the rain. I had been wondering about that. I hope there is no trapped-ness, cable-lessness, or darkness, but maybe just some extra time to enjoy your supplies.


Oh, what a yummy choice! I knew you'd find something great. I love how Deirdre sent goodies in the package!


Nice green! Lots of options, for sure, with that yardage. Thank Goodness for Norman. :)

Nice goodies! Can't wait to see what you do with the green...
Hoping your stormy weather mellows out soon.

ya know, they make "tape caulk" for people like you. Unroll, press down, done. No mess, no clean up.

That green is definitely my favorite. I have high hopes to knit a little shawlette with it one of these days.

Your Home Depot story reminds me of the last time I was there. ...I wandered around with my friend and I kept saying, very audibly (with an exaggered gay lisp), "Sandpaper? Where's the sandpaper?..." until someone finally helped us out.

LOVE that new yarn -- so pretty. Stay dry.

mmm. malabrigo lace. someone introduced me to that love that is the malabrigo lace. wonder who that could be....

have fun refinishing the furniture!


ROFL you asked Norman where you could find the caulk! teehee! (I live with a 12 yr old boy - sound it out.)

I rilly wish I could have heard you say that...ROFLOL

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