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Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Woo hoo! Gorgeous.

I will not take up spinning. I will not take up spinning. I will remember that I have SEVEN furbabies and will NOT take up spinning.

Oh yeah, that definitely gets a woo hoo! And a GORGEOUS, too!

That is so gorgeous, Cookie! Oh, and the yardage? Woo Hoo, indeedily, do!


Oooh, a little lace something with that gorgeous sheen . . . yum!


you are so good at this!

That's gorgeous! The shine from the sea cell is amazing.

I think it is high time you stopped denigrating your photos. They are FINE! Pretty, even, in spite of the pink. :p

How about a Yeee! and a HAW! Damn, that's nice. Great job again! You are simply amazing my dear.

It is weird in here, but it's not just you. Lovely, lovely pink! :-)

WOO HOO. That looks like a beautiful bowl of strawberry ice cream. I wouldn't bite it though if I were you O.o

I refuse to go look at that Etsy shop!

That's some mighty fine yarn you got there!

Woo Hoo! Lovely!

883 yards!?! You can get more than a Woo Hoo. You should get a "damn" fine spinning award at the very least. It looks great. Not going to turn in it into a beautiful piece of lace though? What a possible waste. Oh well. I hope you have something or someone wonderful in mind for it.

PS Hope the language isn't out of bounds.

WOO-FRAKING-HOO!!!!!!!! Ahem. That is gorgeous and amazing.

You are not the only Target Ho. I've been stalking Target, like EVERY DAY because I have a rain check for Season 4 of Lost at $16.99 instead of $39.99 and my nightmare is that it will never be in stock until the day after my rain check expires. At which point I will threaten physical harm to the store manager if he does not honor my expired rain check.

I think that this is the loveliest color you've spun yet. Although there was a purple one you did that I liked too IIRC....but, nope, this is still my favorite.


Woohoo! That is gorgeous! I really need to start spinning again

Oh, and we love your brand of weird...:p

That definately deserves a Woo and a Hoo.

Must be something in the air. I spent the day at Lowe's. Had to buy a nut driver (shut up, you!) to replace the switch on the sump pump. Thank goodness for multiple phone consults.

Oh wow, that turned out very nice! Now I know what colors to overdye the pink Finn that's been waiting for attention. :)

Have you tried a silk/merino blend? I'm curious how it would compare against the seacell/merino. OK, yes, I should just look in your archives.

Beautiful. I even like its pinkness.

Holy Crap Balls Batman!!! That is indeed awesome!!! I bow to you and your spinning greatness. I can only hope to attain such consistency with my own!

I want to eat it. With chocolate sauce. At Target.

/falls off of chair in complete and utter amazement

Dang girl, you are gooood!

Woooo Hooooooooo!

Hoo Woo!

Yeah, it's been that kind of day :-)

Woo Hoo indeed! Lace Queen , Lace Queen! :p Yes some beautiful fine spinning my dear. I love the color or your skein. The sheen is amazing. What no mention of WPI using your new tool? Hehe.

That is absolutely STUNNING yarn! Whatcha gonna do with it, huh huh huh huh??? ::poke::

You spin so beautifully and I'm just plain envious.

And here is another Woo Hoo too! Pretty pretty!

ooooooooh! Pretty!

Gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous. Makes me want to run over to my spinning wheel and start spinning.

I just don't know how you do it. How do you get so much yardage with so little fiber in so little time?! You make me and my spindle look pathetic...

Oh yeah, you can get a woo hoo times 100! Super lovely pinky stuff, I hope you feel the need to knit that up pretty darn soon. So springlike and gorgeous.

No skills ... my ass.... 800+ yards... FFS! That is a Skill women!

Woo Hoo! And mondo yardage! It's gorgeous. And Happy Belated - I've been apparently in the twilight puppy zone....

Wow. You've got some kinda spinning Zen, girl - that's perfect!


S.o. v.e.r.y. p.r.e.t.t.y. Can't stop looking at it. Now, head back to Target. They have stuff roses that look just like the real thing;-P

Oh, yeah! Woo hoo, Baby!! I can't believe you get so much yardage from 4 oz. of fiber! Gorgeous!

Woo Hoo Woo Hoo, that stuff is beautiful. Love the color. Let your ego talk, this stuff backs it up.

Multiple Woos and Hoos! It wants to be lace. Really really wants to be lace.

Have never spun an inch in my life, but I know some drop-dead gorgeous yarn when I see it!! Beautiful job!

Naah not weird, looks normalz to me, ;-)

Love the fluffy stuff an' how it's turned out as the spinnie stuff.
Definitely worthy of a Woo Hoo!

Woo Hoo! Most beautious yarn, Cookie!

Woo Hoo! Gorgeous stuff you spun up....just gorgeous.

Woo hoo! That is gorgeous. And PINK!

Ok, another woo hoo.You deserve it!

Beautiful yarn! I don't think you're suffering from delusions of grandeur one bit! ;o)

Woo hoo! from me, too! Your yarn looks fabulous--very impressive. :)

Wow and Woo Hoo! Lovely stuff!

The fluff ball looks like a bunny. :D Looks awesome spun up!!

OMG! That is a beautiful skein of yarn!

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