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Friday, January 29, 2010


That is a lovely sky. There have been a few of those here too, and I'd never have noticed the gutter if you hadn't pointed it out.

Pretty picture!

I'm glad the week is done too. Weekend, here I come, ready or not!

Pink...pink is nice. All I see is grey in these here parts of the country.

You're going to block things then bake them? Does it set the blocking better?


Yay for TGIF! I wish we had blue or pink skies instead of gray. Lucky you.

Cool sky. We actually got to see the sun here for two whole days in a row. I can't believe it! It's freakin' cold though. Winter is over soon, right?

So pretty! So pink!

I'd take your neighbor's rain gutters over our multitude of wires and telephone poles any day.

oooh pretty!

Your blog is so pretty in pink! Have fun with the blocking, baking, and cooking activities. Sounds like a perfect way to celebrate a weekend.

It was a really long week here, too! But the weekend looks like it won't be restful at all...

and yours sounds perfect to me!

Beautiful sky - I agree with Kitten that the gutter isn't all that noticeable. Sky photo is most welcome here in the land of gray. Have a great weekend!

I love a good cotton candy sky! Enjoy your blocking and baking this weekend (I have the baking envy...my oven has been broken for the past two weeks..waiting on a part)!

Was that what a sunset looks like? Oooh, it's so pretty. Maybe someday, I'll see a sunset again. Someday. Whacha baking??? When do you want me to taste test??

Very Pretty! and your merino/seacell yarn is stunning!

Pretty in Pink! And the gutter? Dood it melts in with the tree behind it. I never would have seen it if you hadn't made a fuss about it. Ahem...

I like how the sky matches your yarn...

Can wait to see what you're blocking.


Ooooo blocking. What are you blocking? Baking? Want to block my mom's sweater for her? Want to sew on the buttons? Am i asking enough questions? Can you tell I've had extra kids around for days?

That is a lovely sky, Cookie. Gasp! Not pink. :D Kitchen time sounds lovely.

Lovely sky, reminds me of Arizona where the sky was the main attraction!

I don't know where this week went to but I am quite sure it's the same place all the others disappear to all the time.

Pretty sky! pink is gorgeous, go with it.
Yum, baking. Blocking? Can I look forward to an on-the -fence pic soon?ifit isn't raining.

Pink is good. Long live pinkness.

As advised I ignored the gutter. :-)

Love the pinkness, nice change from the grey we've had here for the past few days.
Today tho we haz blue pushing it's way in 'a n d' that strange stuff called sun trying to break thru.

enjoy your w/end. :-)

I'm making a pie today and I think I might bake a pound cake, too. What are you baking?

I am still painting. But thinking about baking brownies. We'll see if that happens or not!

Yeah, I'm a day late. So what else is new?

Oh that's right - you turning into a domestic goddess!! (j/k)

Everything is white here - goes well with the pink!

Ooh, that sky is gorgeous. Hope your weekend went as planned!

No pink? Wow!

Beautiful picture - and hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

I hope your weekend has been wonderful, and you find the right colors for your new week and month.


Are you saying there is something wrong with pink? That sky looks like a lot of our mornings lately, even to the intrusion of neighbors' houses. What is their house doing in my view?

that's heavenly.

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