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Friday, January 22, 2010


Heat is a Very Good Thing. So glad you have some again.

Kraemer Yarns Sterling Silk & Silver, hand dyed by me with Gaywool Bush blend alpine and the pattern is Ishbel. :D

Cause I roll like that.

And the silver totally will match your hair in a few years.


Weird is why your blog is one of my favorite; if you ever go normal on us it will be a tragedy!!

Being warm enough is step #1 for Not Being (Overly) Cranky in the winter. Glad you have some warm.

I love that yarn bowl. The colors today are so light and cheery. Wow.

Squishy and her hub are awesome. I admire you for tacking it. The yarn bowl is beautiful. I'm so envious. And, the shawlette is GORGEOUS!!!! Happy Friday to you, too, dumplin'.

Wonderful stuff! (Except for the thermostat problem, but evidently that's taken care of.)

'twasn't me, although the other Diane has excellent taste. As does the Squish, that's a lovely little shawl. I think the birthday surprises are probably not finished. (I had to check; no address for you in the contacts, so both our brains are still functioning.)

Oh, I love the yarn bowl! So pretty, and pretty, too. And the Ishbel? Wow! What a beautiful gift!


Love the yarn bowl, and also the company it's keeping :o)

How don't you recognise Ishbel?!? you are really weird,,, LOL

I am glad your home is warm and cozy again.

Glad you got the thermostat put in. The bowl, the yarn and the shawlette are all really nice!

Whew! Glad you got some heat back--it's COLD in CA!!! Also, that shawl(ette?) is super duper pretty. You have very generous friends (I would have kept it for myself). :)

Heat is a good thing ... except in my office where it is killing my poor, almost indestructible, plant.

Love that shawlette! Continue to wear it well!

Yay! Gorgeous bowl and shawlette. And yay for HEAT!

And just FYI, my hubby is uber handy, so if you ever need advice, distant assist or hand holding when Texas is on the road, let me know, mkay?

Lovely gifties!

Did I ever tell you that my cousin Christopher manages a Home Depot in Vermont? I'll give you his work number and next time you need help, you can scare him by knowing more about our family than he probably does.


These yarn bowl thingies are catching on. Me likey.

Hurray for having a working furnace (and for our Squish and her Texas). That some lovely lace love there. Pretty yarn bowl. I should look into those bowls...the cats are starting to take up yarn soccer.

Teh Squish, she rocks. So does teh Future Mr. Ex Squish.

Shiny thingies and square states? Too much funz. Shut up!

And a lovely Friday enjoying your nice gifts.

That's a nifty bowl you got there. Hey! I'll be in your parts of the country tomorrow, I'm heading to LA in about 12 hours. I imagine the state is quite large, but we'll both be in it at the same time!

Love the bowl and the yarn & shawlette. My kind of colors!

Don't you just feel smart after tackling and accomplishing something like a thermostat??

That's a whole lot of pretty in one picture! I hope a warm happy Saturday follows your warm happy Friday.

Happiness comes in threes. It's all beautiful. Squish's Ishbel is gorgeous!

That shawlette is absolutely gorgeous. Someone, please tell me the name of the pattern.

Have a great weekend. The sun has shown its face in Vermont!!!

You are replacing thermostats?? o.O

My hat's off to you.

Sweet bowl!

Wow that is some beautiful lace and a pretty bowl. I have a big lotus watercolor in my bedroom. i don't know why I like them so much. Maybe because they're pink?

Yay for the thermostat. Was it hard?

How beautiful! All lovely gifts. Did you figure out the Diane mystery?

Cute yarn bowl.

Happy Birthday :)

that squish is really good. really really good. :)

Warm and happy, indeed.
Enjoy it all.

That yarn doll you made for Mr. Jeffries is the bomb! I'm hoping (hope hope hope) that you'll be willing to write it up as a pattern and sell it - Ravelry? It is the cutest darn thing, and unlike bigger dogs, he probably won't rip it to shreds on the first outing. The clever way you knit the hair over the top - just too too. I'm gushing I know but you be creative, you be!

Thanks, Linda.

That is very kind of you to say.  That toy is a dog friendly version of the Minion pattern, which I bought on Ravelry. 

Oh, and it's not hair.  It's a hat that I sewed to the Minion's head because I know what terriers can be like.

Yay Squish!! The shawl is beautiful!! A fitting defense against all that is weather and Home Depot.

The bowl isn't half bad either.


I am so glad you like the bowl. It is even prettier than the picture. Sorry for all the confusion on the return address. I try not to cause much confusion since I stay in that state much of the time....Enjoy the bowl!

Love that bowl - and lovely lace! I had no idea squish had it in her...hehe

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