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Monday, January 25, 2010


It's snowing here, but I have no plans to go out. You stay safe and dry, woman!

It hasn't started raining here yet but we're expecting a deluge. Oh well. At least it's 54°.

We just returned soaked and happy from a walk in the fog that turned into quite a serious rain,,,

I hope you drove carefully and returned home dry and safe :)

I love that minion too! So cute.
Have fun on the rainy roads. o.0

I don't think Mr J is going to be allowed near the Minion!

Have a safe trip and no killing of old people on the ride back. MINIONS!!!!

Cute minions are taking over the blogosphere....

Here's to near empty roadways to ease your path. Love Mr. J's new minion. Happy Monday, Sweetie!!!!

It's pouring here, too, so I decided not to go out. I had one patient to see and moved her to another day. Too much indoor stuff to do to brave that crap out there.

Just a quick question--how, exactly, do you block a minion? o.O

Dry here; gray and bright. Perfect for pictures, except I haven't knit anything since last week. DH turned 50, and I had hostess duties!

It's pouring here too. I woke up at 4 am to the sound of a drip in my bedroom...it's getting past time for that new roof! If Mr. J. gets near that Minion he is a goner for sure.

I meant the Minion, not Mr. J!

Yep. I know all about the rain. Went out on my lunch and am currently soaked up to my knees.

Safe travels. And take some deep breaths. :)

Drive safely. I did see the Minion - too funny!


I'm actually in a good mood today in spite of the never ending appearance of wet stuff falling from the sky.

Yes I'm grateful for it. Yes we are on a well. Yes I'm wholeheartedly sick of it.

Water and hearing aids don't go together. Neither does water and in process knitting for that matter.

Be careful on the road honey. You know people in california (okay everyone other than you and me ;-) ) cannot drive in this stuff to save their life.

How in the heck would you block such a thing anyway? Video footage taken today, to be posted tomorrow. CUUUUUUUUUUUTE. :D

I'm back and I am wrong. Mr Jeffries is all over the Internets and he is killin' the Minion.

You are showing great non-attachment to share your knitting with Mr. J.

It is raining the proverbial cats and dogs. It's the middle of winter. My knitting is going very slowly. I don't even want to *think* the word "politics."

There's nowhere to go but up.

Hope your drive was safe and cop-free!

The minion is so cute! And you're right about the blocking. If Norma gives it to Mr. J it won't last long!

He's adorable! Hope your week dries out!

No dry here. In fact I had to take kitty to get her stiches out in a monsoon. Poor girl was in a foul mood and hissed at vet tech Liam but we were well chuffed that after 5 months in a hospital our vet Dr. S. was back at work Hurrah for that! Hope your rain ends soon!

Cute minion! Glad your ride is done and all's well.

LOVE the little earflap hat! Perfect in every way.

Meh, it was dry for a while, now it's snowy and windy and cold. No fun!

Our corner of the world needs more minions!!

I hope the skies turn blue for you soon!!

(I shall not discuss my local weather for obvious reasons.)

I really appreciated the extra warmth and the melting of ice when I was walking Victor yesterday and this morning. Of course, the fact that it has gotten colder might mean unfortunate black ice for tomorrow.

i have much love for that minion you sent to norma. so sweet!


It rained here, too. It sucked. :o( Today sucked slightly less. ;op

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