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Friday, January 01, 2010


That is gorgeous! And you *do* RAWK!
Happy New Year!

You do RAWK. With a big ass ego squawk. :D

Happy 01.01.10 Just wait til 10.10.10 and our little one gets married. Is she doing it at 10:10? I must go ask.

You do rock & so does Zarzuela. Pretties! HNY!

we don't need reminding. we know. you do, it's yum.

You amaze me.


I can't quite make out the pink, do you want to punch it up a little?:D Keep on treadlin'....

From BLF? You did, indeed, RAWK. Have you tried Rambouillet yet? I bet you'd get a yarn that would go to the moon and back.

Oh, yummy pink yarn. You are rockin'.
Happy New Year!


And yes you rock!!!

and here I was thinking XXM was cool.

Beautiful yarn!

Oh my Lord, woman! That is gorgeous!!!!!!!! Happy New Year, kiddo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Happy New Year Cookie! Love the yarn.

ove it! so pretty ... whatcha gonna make from it? It is gorgeous1

My jaw dropped right just then. 1492 yards?! And it's gorgeous!! Happy New Year to you, Cookie!

oh,,,, pretty,,,,,!! :)

Pink, pink, pink. Love it.

Wow! Great job! Happy New Year!

oooh shiny. xo

Ooooo, aaaaaaah :)

Of course you rock. I already knew that! Happy New Year, my friend.

Ah pink! Start as you mean to go, right?!

Beautiful colors to start a new year. Yea, it's hard to believe it was 10 years ago we were all worrying about Y2K.

Very pretty! Happy New Year! I am glad the last one is gone....

oh wow! you do totally RAWK! that is the stuff magic is made of! :D

happy new year, cookie!

btw, i didn't need reminding. it runs in the family. ;-)


Happy New Year!

Goh- geous! It looks so pretty nestled in your light box. You definitely are the Queen of Lace and Mega-yardage.

Of course, you rock. I think YOU are the one who needs reminding. Lovely yarn! (except for the, you know, pink) ;^)

Very pretty, oh Rawkin' Woman!
Going to knit a shawl with it?

Nearly 1500 yds. from 4 oz.?!?! Geez, girl! When you spin fine, you spin FINE! I can't seem to get sock weight out of my spinning and I've been doing it for 3 years. Your yarn is beautiful! Can't wait to see it knitted up. Happy New Year!

Not only do you rock, you inspire a great deal of spinning envy. Mayhaps I should practice regularly. :) It is beautiful!

Give me your yarn, ho!

PS Finally got my comp up and running! More frequent harrassment from me once again! :D

You absolutely rock!! Awesome yarn! Love the name. :)

You're magic!


Gawd, that's gorgeous! Happy New Year, Cookie!

As for the tamales, my husband makes them. He is Mexican-American and if it's Christmas time, it's tamales!

Holy cow, that's some yardage! Pretty, pretty colorway!!

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