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Friday, December 18, 2009


This just in!

I am going to hell.

/wanders off giggling

I am pretty sure I'm not old enough for season sex toys. The truck is hilarious though I'm sure I would have just given it a wide-eyed stare and a wide berth.

And you're seeking out these seasonal sex toys, I assume?

So you'll post links in places less...directly associated with you and you along? ;^)

Yeah. You are posting sex toy links. :D Just not here.

Wow. I thought Texas had tacky christmas stuff. O.o

It may be safer here in the bible belt.

Honestly? I love it. It is so strange and out there and I love that kind of stuff. It seems obvious to me that they have wayyyyyyyyyyy too much time and money.

Why are you going to hell THIS time?
Would seriously love to know what dragged the skunk away.

I, too, want to know why you're going to hell this time. However, I don't really think I want to know what dragged the skunk away.

When my folks lived in St Louis and I'd go visit at Xmas I was always amazed that the people there put little wreaths on their front grilles. Real tasteful and all, but still...decorating your car?!?! And then I see this. Huh.

I'm sitting here pondering whether I'd want jingle bells on my vibrator or not. I'm thinking not.

I went clickkity and it seems that it's the Grinch sitting on the cattle guard driving the reindeer!

About the skunk....good riddance.

There are seasonal ones? o.0

That poor Suburban. It's sacrilege, I tell you.

Some thing to make you go hmm... on a Saturday morning. Thanks.

Shaking my head in amazement. I wonder how many accidents his display has caused? What will next years theme be? Santa Duckies? 0.o

And I thought all the trucks in our area with wreaths on their front grills was bad.....you win......

It would be interesting to see that guy get into an accident with the Lubavitcher rabbi I've seen every morning for the past 8 days, driving a very small junker car with a giant electric menorah on the roof, proclaiming, Happy Hanukkah! There's something for everyone...


Is that the grinch on the hood driving the reindeer?

Wonder what their house is decorated with. I can't be bothered with all that. Tree is up and decorated and we have a few candles and bits but nothing much at all.

Oh no, that poor skunk! It must have been The Chupacabra.

that is one hillbilly vee-hicle.

Does he drive that in July or switch to a beach theme?

I love the Grinch with the reins.

Uh oh. Poor skunk.

I'm scared for you, Cookie my dear. That's just far too festive to be legal.

Now, *that's* a festive vehicle!! :D

Hmmm. coyote vs. skunk? I hope the odor leaves soon.

H, E, double toothpicks? Why?

My God, this place is like Heaven to me, you take me to a place filled with magics, wonders, and joy.
I feel like coming to a magical kingdom here.


Wow, talk about overkill! But ya gotta love his holiday spirit!

Love Nora's rabbi story.

Oh, my.
And oh, my.
And oh, my.

It's so educational, here... Crimbo, Wild Kingdom, and ummm, toys.

Well. Hmm. I'm just not sure what motivates people to go to that kind of trouble on their car. I also wonder what their house decorations are. Wow.

Hope you are having a good weekend!

Oh my. The tree on top kind of blends into the foliage until you go ahead and take a good long gander at it.

Impressive - kind of!

I love the Grinch heading up the reindeer. So funny.

This one is pretty good: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RoV64IJoYRw

wouldn't that make a -perfect- get away vehicle?


Mostly intrigued by your comment.


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