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Thursday, December 31, 2009


And happy new year to That's a lot of labels and an interesting way to look back. I was trying to find a few words for the past decade and the best I could do was 'thank goodness it's over'.

The yarn labels show how diverse and interesting you can be. Here's to a new year, a new decade. We're along for the ride...like it or not.

I used to save my labels too. But Ravelry kicked me of that habit.

Happy new year Cookie. Thanks for all the crankiness. :D

Happy new year, darling. My wish for the new year is that everyone I love is still in it by this time next year. That will be a huge fucking improvement over 2009, may I never be forced to speak its name again.

About all I can say about the last year is that it has come & gone and I almost feel like I missed it. How did it get to be Dec 31 already?

I've got some of the same labels as you do! Great minds and all that... ;)

Right back atcha on the new year wishes!

Happy New Year! I love the picture of the labels!!!

I save my yarn labels too, but sadly not in any sort of organization. There are some in knitting bags, some on my desk, some on the living room table, some on the guest bed. A few actually got filed with the patterns I used, or are with the remnants of yarn in a box. Maybe I should get organized in 2010.


Happy New Year!

Nice collection! I am glad I am not the only one who tend to collect those labels.

It sure was one hell of a decade with a special last year to sum it all.

Happy new year and a wonderful next decade :)

Happy new year to you too!

Great labels? Are you artsy-fartsy type? Does decoupaging interest you? Those would make a great veneer covering for something. Yeah, it's a lame idea...

Have a good new year!

Happy New Year! :D

Happy new year to you, my sister in garterness. Funny that we both ended with such untypical knits, maybe that's a harbinger for great new adventures in 2010!

A very happy new year to you too.

What a good idea to keep all your labels, I might have to steal that... of course now that you are spinning your own yarn, you may find a lot less of them next year :)

What is that gorgeous thing on the scarf?

And a happy new year to you!
I like the color of the scarf. It's the kind of color that rewards you for looking closer and closer. A fractal scarf.

Happy New year to you as well, Cookie. Thanks for giving me a smile weekly, and sharing your take on the world. Me likey.


Happy New Year, Cookie!

Same to you, dearheart!!!!!

Happy New Year! Mere words could not describe this decade.

I have a ton of ballbands too. I keep thinking I could make bookmarks out of them or put them under a glass topped coffee table or......."save" them variously throughout the house.

But why is it that when I want to check gauge/dye lot/content, I can never find that particular ballband?

Very eclectic label collection ;) Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Cookie! So you're a dragonfly collector too? Awesome pin.

May there be fewer yarn labels next year (because you are knitting from your homespun) ... and more roving labels!

You have my very best wishes for a Happy New Year (and decade, for that matter), Cookie.

Happy New Year to you as well. And yeah, no words for the last year at least from me either. May you (and everyone) have a happy and prosperous 2010 and beyond.

Btw, what did you make with the Silky Wool...I can't remember. Or I can just re-read all of your posts (looking at the projects did not help, lol).

Nevermind, found it. Very nice Eliina Shawl.

Happy New Year, Cookie!

That is a fabulously warm and squooshy scarf.

I'm right there with you on trying to sum up th past year, let alone the last ten.

I think the yarn label collection is a nice way to tell a portion of the story.


Happy New Year, dear Cookie!
I like your label collection. I keep thinking I should do that, since my ballbands seem to wander off just before I need them.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

I expected there to be more yarn labels based on all the things I've seen you post here. But, what do I know? The only thing I know about yarn is that cats love to tear it up. :)

i wanna know where you got that dragonfly thingy!!

lookie at all those yarn labels! who knew you were a label hoarder! :-o

happy new year to you, my cookie. may yours be a prosperous and healthy one. :)

As far as mottos go, I don't think you could come up with a better one!

Time magazine called this the Decade from Hell. Maybe that's what we've all been feeling here. . .

Happy New Year! May this one be peace-filled and easy-going. Oh, and fun.

The scarf is lovely. Those sort of colours go well with anything.

Not sure what to think of the yarn labels because I throw mine away.

Happy new year.

Happy New Year! May you be as grouchy as ever! I like the color of the garter scarf, would call it "Fallen Leaves". The little bit of green reminds me of the grass peeking through the leaves.

I like the label collage!!!! I never keep my labels. What a great idea for more clutter! Hahahaha.

Hi Cookie! I'm just catching up on things but had to comment on this post, because I love the scarf and the dragonfly pin, and you!

Happy new year!


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